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New and Full Moons for January/February 2015


 The New Moon

This falls on January 20th 2014, today, at 13.15 GMT on the very 1st degree of Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol for it is: “An Old Adobe Mission”. The New Moon sets the tone until the Full Moon a fortnight later which can be seen as the ‘result’ of how we all expressed the promise or potential of the New.  Here is an interpretation of this Symbol from The Astrological Oracle, but, as ever, please endeavour to read what this Sabian Symbol is saying to you personally, perhaps using my interpretation as a prompt to your own intuition, if it is not directly applying to your current situation or question, or to the world at large…
SSP301 20-1-14An Old Adobe Mission”(Sun & Moon)

The Persistence of Faith

What is important now is a persistence of faith – no matter how simple or far-flung from its source – in the better or spiritual side of life and humanity, and in your constant striving towards higher aims. And so your issue has basically to do with the state of your faith, and how true you are being to it – especially when out on a limb. Keep focused on something that is good and old and true about you that cannot but help assist others (and yourself) in the search for lasting faith and peace, as well as with practical matters. Try seeing yourself as an outpost of your beliefs and ethics, upholding worthy values and standards in situations that are particularly lacking in them. But beware of sticking to beliefs and traditions without any attempt to reform them or express them in an original or appreciable way. And avoid foisting your beliefs on those who are not interested, or helping where help is not needed or asked for. Symbolically, as adobe is mud or dung mixed with straw, this symbolizes that faith and health often are built and depend upon recycling and dealing with ones ‘shit’ or whatever you can get stuck in. Faith and good health will persist providing one does not get entrenched in the bog of dogma or the constipation of old emotional attachments or habits. So continue or endeavour to keep doing whatever is necessary to keep your faith alive and fresh and relevant to the moment while at the same time maintaining old and eternal values that have stood the test of time. Resist hanging on to some belief, memory or experience that is preventing you from moving on, or actually finding you so out of touch as to be devitalized and unwell. “A faint heart never won a fair lady…or a good man, or anything else worth a damn”

The coming Full Moon falls on February 3rd at 23.10 GMT on the 15th degree of Leo with the Sun on the opposite 15th degree of Aquarius for which the Sabian Symbols are respectively: “Two Lovebirds Sitting on a Fence” and “A Pageant”.  Bear in mind that a Full Moon is making us aware of something, as the Sun or consciousness is illuminating the Moon or what is unconscious. It is also that ‘result’ of the New Moon described above. The following interpretations are taken from The Astrological Oracle, helping you to read what these Sabian Symbols are saying to you about your own situation and/or that of the world…
SSP315 2-2-14“Two Love Birds Sitting On A Fence” (Moon)

A Need To Agree To Move On

You are being shown that in order to get the best out of your situation or resolve any difficulties, you have to initiate a definite change in the way you are going about things. Only then will there come a magic created through a tender sharing, a shift in perspective or anything that will put a different complexion on what concerns you. Alternatively, two or more people who constantly fluctuate and cannot come down on one side or the other. Be alive to the fact that one person making a move or change automatically causes the other to do so too. Also, to the possibility that you and your concern may simply be ‘resting’ before taking off again when ready to. Watch out for intimacy unrealized owing to a reluctance to take the plunge into the unknown – or being restricted by habit or fear of change, or of making a decision. Karmically, before something can come together or move on there has to be closure or a decision to proceed, separately or together, that is not compromised by one person (or part of you) wanting one thing and the other person (or part of you) wanting something else – or by simply hoping against hope. This last option can take the form of a third party or event that comes along to force the issue; it may ultimately be the only solution to breaking a deadlock. Keep focused on only the best, most positive and creative reasons for doing something or being with someone, and settle for nothing less. Be on guard against mere restlessness or being ‘a bird in a gilded cage’ by staying with something because it is merely convenient and easier than confronting the unknown. Such a ‘cage’ can be waste of life – for both yourself and others.”The course of true love never did run smooth” (Shakespeare)

I.See Sabian 07-18“A Pageant” (Sun)

Ongoing Story

Our situation is seen, or is best viewed, as a part of the parade of our history and experience, of the doings and to-ings and fro-ings of ancestors, descendants, friends and all and sundry – and of our own place, small or large, in all this. Evident in this display there is a sense of meaning, continuity, and even glory. Ascertain what your background or history of experience has to offer, be it of name, worth, tradition, or whatever serves to give a sense of continuity, or a place and a time, to all who become involved with you. See the ups and downs, dramas and doldrums, as just all being part of the story of your life.  But avoid pure ostentation – or pretentiousness that can be dangerously deluding and economical with the truth, giving you and others a false sense of pedigree or experience. Karmically, this Symbol is beautifully representative of the procession of lifetimes, and of how certain lifetimes, or certain episodes within a lifetime, can be given a bit of a spin to emphasize the wonder of one’s own existence, and of the soul that lives it. Try viewing matters in this light and from this perspective, and then whatever concerns you can be put into context, and not seen as being insignificant or too heavy, or too long or too short. Ask yourself what is the ‘story so far’, and then you will get a greater or clearer idea of the present situation and of what lies ahead. Try to avoid glamorizing or dramatizing anything, be it positive or negative, to the point that it becomes either manic or depressive. Guard against attaching the wrong sort of meaning to your situation by seeing it in isolation from the bigger picture, or the ongoing process of karma.”Trailing clouds of glory do we come /From God, who is our home” (Wordsworth)

Combining these two Symbols points to natural fact that all things move inexorably onward, and that dithering or resisting is missing this point. So the ‘Need to Agree to Move On’ of the Moon Symbol takes on a more imperative note. He who hesitates is lost. Since we ceased being hunter/gatherers thousands of years ago and became settled in communities you could say that we fostered the idea that life doesn’t move on. Consequently we get stuck – in whatever or with whoever it might be. Mostly it is our fears of change colliding with our despair at things remaining as they are that stops the ‘Pageant’ from proceeding.  In other words, we are dogged by a conflict of interests, both individually and as a society or even as a species

But the ‘Pageant’ makes it clear that, regardless of this, it WILL move on.  Returning to the New Moon that seeded this Full Moon, we can say that it the ‘Persistence of Faith’ in a better future that is the major theme here.  To believe in and be open to the idea that things will change for the better is what makes that very thing happen.

Astrology is of course what shows us how the ‘Pageant’, collectively or individually, heralds what is to come, and in so doing prepares us for change in a way that welcomes it in and makes the future something positive – right now!

Your Truth of Being

lyn psychedelic cuDo You Possess the Power that is Your Truth of Being?

2015 kicks off by starkly emphasising the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave – the Power (Pluto) of Truth (Uranus) – that has been putting us all on notice since 2007 to get a lot more in touch with the Truth of Being. The Truth of Being is what could be called your precise and original design specification – that is, your core identity and actual reason for being here – and ultimately the Truth of Being as it applies to our species as a whole.  Any benefits or difficulties in your life could be described as indications of how on or off course you are with your Truth of Being, with your genuine and unique track.  This is why the name I give to astrological influences through time (Transits and Progression) is ‘Course Corrections’ rather than just ‘influences’. Consultation.

As you may know, in order to make it clear what the Mother-Wave means to us I wrote my book Understanding The Future back in 2006, covering the Wave’s extended period of influence 2007-2020.  In it I not only predicted much of what has already come to pass but endeavoured to show how we can ‘surf’ this Wave  (and others occurring during it) and thereby be transported to a new epoch rather than being ‘wiped out’ as we flounder in the chaos of the old receding.

Uranus cutsquare copyDownload What’s Going Down – Now!

Understanding The Future is not about doom and gloom – it is actually about avoiding these very things by gaining a deeper understanding of Fate in motion. The Power of Truth is immense, and now its Wave is not just rolling and roaring in, it’s peaking!  We can no longer afford not to hear it and see it and feel it, or we may well, as a recent public poll opined, be “going to hell in a hand basket” (or “handcart”, they weren’t sure which)! So in a cry to call you to the Power of Truth I am making available to you a free download of the whole chapter from UTF (or The Future Now as it was its working title) that explains the meaning of the Mother-Wave, with literal references to the ‘Power of Truth’ on pages 32, 44 and 76.  HERE


New and Full Moons December 2014/January 2015

The New Moon
This falls on December 22nd 2014 at 01.37 GMT on the very 1st degree of Capricorn, which is also the Winter Solstice. The Sabian Symbol for it is: “An Indian Chief Demanding Recognition”. So not only does the New Moon set the tone until the Full Moon a fortnight later which can be seen as the ‘result’ of how we all expressed the promise or potential of the New, but it also symbolises how we manifest the ‘increasing of the Light’ which the Winter Solstice initiates.  Here is an interpretation of this Symbol from The Astrological Oracle, but, as ever, please endeavour to read what this Sabian Symbol is saying to you personally, perhaps using my interpretation as a prompt to your own intuition, if it is not directly applying to your current situation or question, or to the world at large…

An Indian Chief Demanding Recognition”(Sun & Moon)

SSP271 21-12-13A Question Of Authority

The situation calls for leadership and authority – or a figure of such that one can utterly respect. In turn, this demands a sense of absolute integrity which will not rest until everything and everyone concerned conforms to its standards and requirements, and heeds what it says. An unequivocal stance. Keep focused on long-held principles and actions for they elicit respect from both those who follow and oppose you. Keep striving to understand and obey what Spirit is telling you concerning the truth of the matter. Watch out for any arrogance or ignorance of certain hard cold facts for they are in time bound to lead to humiliation and/or confusion. With respect to karma here, the word ‘authority’ derives from the same word as ‘author’, and that is the Latin auctor – one who increases or produces. Through lifetimes, or certain stages of them, we build on our ability to do just this; we become, more and more, the authors of our own life stories. And so one’s life is like a film, the production of which determines how it does in the world and in our own eyes, and in the next life. See yourself as being the architect of your own fate, and how your health can also be a testament to how well you are producing that epic called your life, and how well you are promoting that star which is your own personality. Appreciate how such expertise is the ever-accumulating result of effort, learning, courage and the recognition of your higher self and those spiritual betters that guide and encourage us. Resist expecting only the good and not the bad to be recognized. That’s not good. “Experto credite” (Trust one who has gone through it)

The coming Full Moon falls on January 5th at 04.54 GMT on the 15th degree of Cancer with the Sun on the opposite 15th degree of Capricorn for which the Sabian Symbols are respectively: “A Group of People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed It” and “Many Toys In The Children’s Ward Of A Hospital”.  Bear in mind that a Full Moon is making us aware of something, as the Sun or consciousness is illuminating the Moon or what is unconscious. It is also that ‘result’ of the New Moon described above. The following interpretations are taken from The Astrological Oracle, helping you to read what these Sabian Symbols are saying to you about your own situation and/or that of the world…

“A Group of People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed It”(Moon)

SSP105 4-7-13Positive Indulgence

A very real acknowledgement or even celebration of there being more than enough to go round. An indulgence in or of Nature’s supply. Taking joy in the fruits life has to offer ensures their continuance. A flair for summoning up a communal sense of well-being and affluence – thereby attracting these very things.  The possibility that just when you think you have had all you can take, you then start to like it, or that it just doesn’t matter. Observe what being excessive has shown or given you, and then be the wiser and better for having overdone it. Naturally, beware irresponsible indulgence merely for the sake of it, with no sense of significance other than one – when you think about it – of being better off than most. Indulging in your ‘hangover’ rather than getting back to normal. Karmically or previously, which could mean last week or during another lifetime, you were probably overindulging or being hedonistic and had no guilt or doubt about being so. This was okay for you felt it was all part of the wealth of your experience. If however, that spell of excess gave rise to wastefulness or harm to others in any way, then now the piper is having to be paid. This may just be simply a case of health or weight problems created by overdoing it. How what is happening now could relate to past profligacy or damage done through excessiveness or debauchery – or the very opposite – like self-denial or poverty. Possibly the time really has come to ‘fill the gap’ in some other, more spiritual or creative, way.  Determining what any indulgence is acting as a substitute for. But beware of punishing yourself or others too much for past excesses – an indulgence in itself! “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” (Blake)

“Many Toys In The Children’s Ward Of A Hospital” (Sun)

SSP285 4-1-14Tender Loving Care

Occasioned or called for here is the fundamental kindness and generosity that is or should be shown to those who have been disadvantaged through no apparent fault of their own, or who are simply in genuine need of care and accommodation. However, considering that this is a saturnine, Capricornian Symbol and hospitals have to have rules, such care has to be tempered with discipline and a setting of limits. ‘Tough love’ if necessary. Utilise your ability to develop your own and others’ potentialities, and take care of yours and their needs, despite any setback that Fate might have dished out. And resist any giving into an idle and irresponsible reliance upon whatever service or materials have been handed out to you. Healthwise this Symbol is saying that you have available to you everything possible for optimum recovery or support. Figuratively speaking, it says that, after some kind of damage or crisis, you have at hand all that is needed to entertain, relieve, redeem or resurrect yourself or others as much as possible. Be sure of meeting the needs of those who cannot help themselves, while believing that special help is always available at one level or another. And take full advantage of whatever help is being offered you, if you are on the receiving end, but watch out for becoming institutionalized or dependent or out-staying your welcome – or being too soft and kind if you are the one doing the ministering; this would be counter-productive. “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God” (St. Mark ch.10 v.14)

Combining these two Symbols presents us two forms of Abundance. The ‘group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it’ is only too obvious a reference to the whole Christmas holiday where we are obliged to be excessive in order to celebrate something or other.  Contrasting this is the ‘many toys in a children’s ward’ where the abundance of items is there to distract the little ones from their pain and distress. For me, this all reminded me only too well of a TV programme I watched the other night called ‘A & E in a War Zone’ which was about a hospital in Syria straining to help children (and adults) terribly wounded by the horrific weapons of Assad’s forces.  In fact we were told that these forces particularly went after doctors, with many already killed or afraid to practise and run away; those who were there in the hospital were risking death. Insofar as these Symbols show what was the ‘product’ of the New Moon’s “An Indian Chief Demanding Recognition” I am made to think firstly that the so-called ‘chiefs’ in this world do not deserve the authority they have and wield – and that we in the West who supposedly celebrate the birth of Jesus (whose words are those of the biblical quote) are a million miles away from it all.  Then I am made to think what a friend just wrote to me concerning the gulf between civilised society and the truly suffering members of the human race: “How can I be happy when someone out there is hungry? The human dilemma. Do you give away everything you have to help people and leave yourself just as badly off as they are?”

SUN IZ CUT 2 copyDoing Good – If we turn the New Moon Symbol around a bit we get some idea of how to address this perennial problem, again summed up by the Full Moon Symbols. We can only be authentic within the context of how we have made our lives. We should only demand recognition for that which we genuinely care about.  Such recognition then gives rise to the sense that the ‘Indian Chief’ in me is that part which can encompass both happy indulgence and a compassionate heart.  In the end, truly ‘doing good’ is, in the words of Carlos Castaneda’s don Juan, “the shining of one’s spirit” for this contributes to the totality of human goodness. “Now I feel the Sun burst in my heart /Exploding blazing petals free /Streaming beams to darkened reaches /Unfolding golden endlessly”


New and Full Moons November/December 2014

The New Moon
This fell yesterday on November 22nd 2014 at 12.33 GMT on the very 1st degree of Sagittarius. The Sabian Symbol for it is: “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire”. Remember that the New Moon sets the tone until the Full Moon a fortnight later when we get a kind of ‘read-out’ of how well we ‘got’ or gave expression to the New. As usual, the following interpretation is taken from The Astrological Oracle, but please endeavour to read what this Sabian Symbol is saying to you personally, perhaps using my interpretation as a prompt to your own intuition, if it is not directly applying to your current situation or question…

SSP241 21-11-13The Spirit of Reunion

The situation poses or calls for a gathering of whatever or whoever it might be that once again gives a strong sense of group purpose and connection to our roots – and possibly strength in the face of some common oppressor. For such reunion to be lasting though, it must be relevant to your life as it is now. Foster a cheerful and ongoing ability to bring together kindred spirits, thus making for an even stronger sense of accord. Set to re-energizing old allegiances, but keeping things in perspective. Go about stoking up interest in the object of your concern and remembering who you are in relationship to who you were.  Try to avoid an out of touch and self-congratulatory sense of communion with others that cuts you off rather than unites – and to avoid letting old ties eclipse present ones through a misguided blend of sentiment, exclusivity and enthusiasm.  Spiritually, reunion here can mean the regrouping of a number of people who are on the same ‘soul-flight’, or simply a sense of having met someone before, or any kind of karmic reencounter. Such can evoke both bright and dark memories and feelings, so keep focused on seeing and experiencing those others as first and foremost unavoidable meetings with your own history, and as such they are very important to your present and future development and wellbeing. Be sure to let bygones be bygones and create a sense of comradeship; we are all souls struggling along the path, and as such the main cause for celebration is that we have survived, and the main cause for regret is for those who have not. But both should bring us closer. Be alive to the surfacing of very real issues such as wounds (received or inflicted) that have been re-opened or have not healed properly.”To meet again by a fleeting chance /With the Bells of Time all chiming /In our hearts and minds, /Reason drowned by rhyme.” (LB)
The coming Full Moon falls on December 6th 2014 at 12.28 GMT on the 15th degree of Gemini with the Sun on the opposite 15th degree of Sagittarius for which the Sabian Symbols are respectively: “Two Dutch Children Talking”  and “The Groundhog Looking For Its Own Shadow”.  Bear in mind that a Full Moon is making us aware of something, as the Sun or consciousness is illuminating the Moon or what is unconscious. It is also that ‘result’ of the New Moon described above. The following interpretations are taken from The Astrological Oracle, helping you to read what these Sabian Symbols are saying to you about your own situation and/or that of the world…

“Two Dutch Children Talking” (Moon)

SSP075 3-6-13Open Discussion

Always on offer is a simple and ingenuous means by which one can familiarize oneself with whatever milieu is currently of interest or whatever issue needs attention. Becoming aware of the significance and importance of communication, or some specialized form of it. Everyone making an equal contribution, spontaneously promoting free discussion, and open and innocent involvement with all and sundry, thereby resolving problems, dispelling intrigue and suspicion. This Symbol also suggests the free association that is so important and useful when it comes to getting in touch with whatever it is you are after. This can be done by freely associating with this Symbol first, that is to just say what comes to mind straightaway without any forethought, then on to the next word or phrase – on voice-recorder or paper, or with a friend or counsellor who allows you to share or ‘ramble on’ – until you make the right connection.

“Nothing is closed to openness” (LB)
“The Groundhog Looking For Its Own Shadow” (Sun)

SSP255 5-12-13Prediction & Projection

You are involved with the search for some sign of what is to be, and will be bombarded with these signs until you ‘get it’ – for this Symbol refers to a yearly Punxsutawney, PA custom which has to do with predicting a certain type of weather. Implicit in this is a tongue-in-cheek quality of possibly mocking something which was ever a candidate for such – in this instance, soothsaying. But in the end, all prediction is merely the extension or projection of one’s past and present into the future. So stay focused on what you cast before you, then take responsibility for it, and you will see your way forward ever more clearly – rather than falling in with the common reluctance to see one’s own weaknesses and pettiness, then projecting them upon others, only to find oneself hemmed in by what you do not like (about yourself) coming back as external reality, again and again. Also, avoid getting anxious about dubious predictions. Karmically, imagine life as a movie theatre where you are the projector and your life as it appears to happen to you is what you project on to the screen. Your karma is the film that gets fed through the projector; your attitude is the lens of how you see and are seen. So it is the light and shadow of your own being or unconscious that you behold as happening to you. Viewed in this way you can appreciate that what you see is therefore entirely up to you, and will become what your life appears to be. Keep shedding light as love or awareness on what or who is around you and their shadows will diminish or disappear altogether – especially if they are projecting them on to you. On the other hand avoid projecting your fears, distrust, need to control or anything else negative on to the world or future, for they will appear just as fearsome, untrustworthy, controlling, chaos-producing or sick-making. “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us” (Herman Hesse)
Combining these two Symbols presents us with the profound idea that through openly discussing our situations and opinions with others – and particularly those who apparently oppose us – with an awareness that they who oppose us are only catching our shadows – that is, what is unconscious and therefore distrusted, denied or condemned by us – we are able to reach an infinitely greater understanding of both our own state and that of others too. Admittedly this could be seen as idealistic, fanciful even, but it is a very good, maybe the only, model upon which to fashion ourselves in these days of so much opposition and dissension.  This can be on a personal level or a global level – and indeed, the former ultimately gives rise to the latter.  And with respect to the New Moon of which this Full Moon is a product, open discussion and owning one’s  projections IS that Spirit of Reunion.

The River of Your Life

Moon Magic – The River of Your Life is available in 2 Year Stretches at £4 or 5 Year Stretches at £8.

Are you adrift or going somewhere? Now get In-Flow with the River of Your Life ~~~

Many people know of something in astrology called Progressions, but find it hard to get a clear answer as to what they actually are, let alone what the meaning of one’s own Progressions are.  This is simply because very little is actually available that gives a genuine sense of what they mean and pose in your life.

To remedy this gap in astrological awareness and information, for the last year I have been creating a powerful map that I call Moon Magic – The River of Your Life. Using your personal Progressions, especially concerning your Moon, this shows you the way your true and original self wants and needs to naturally unfold and flow through life, as against forces and conditions that coerce or oblige all of us to go some other, more artificial route.

The River of Your Life is the story of an inner, personal and more subjective journey.  It therefore makes you more familiar with the one who is making the journey, bringing a subtle form of comfort and solace in the process. Even though there may be blocks to your flow along its course, it is these very blocks that make you more aware of what it is in you that is flowing forever on.

EXAMPLE: Download a full example of River of Life for Nigel Farage. (Note – I am totally apolitical; this is simply a good example of how fate-determining Progressions can be)

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New and Full Moons October/November 2014

The New Moon
This fell yesterday on October 23rd 2014 at 21.58 GMT on the very 1st degree of Scorpio, and is also a Partial Eclipse of the Sun which indicates that this is something we need to be more than usually mindful of as there is a danger of losing the plot. The Sabian Symbol for it is: “A Sight-Seeing Bus”. Remember that the New Moon sets the tone until the Full Moon a fortnight later when we get a kind of ‘read-out’ of how well we ‘got’ or gave expression to the New. As usual, the following interpretation is taken from The Astrological Oracle, but please endeavour to read what this Sabian Symbol is saying to you personally, perhaps using my interpretation as a prompt to your own intuition, if it is not directly applying to your current situation or question…

SSP211 22-10-13Look and See

Suggested here is a pleasant and convenient manner of orientating oneself and perusing what’s on offer – and seeing as this is the first degree of Scorpio, an opportunity to spy on, and to look beneath surface appearances of people and events as the anonymous observer! At the same time this puts one neatly in touch with one’s fellow beings or travellers by sharing with them the culture common to the area, or what you have in common with them. Or you could be simply in the midst of a passing show.  Familiarizing yourself with the people and environment appertaining to your situation, thereby creating an intimacy with both faces and places, customs and ways. Orientating yourself by knowing (in relation to where you are) the cardinal points, nearest water, nearest mountain, nature of soil, etc. Avoid an impersonal and profit-motivated approach towards interaction with others and the environment that is ultimately disenchanting or even disastrous. Karmically, this Symbol is telling you that life is allowing you to view what’s available so that you eventually know what to do or get, where to go, or what way to go. You may be reacquainting yourself with somewhere from your past, with a view to taking it up from where you left off. For health, keep moving, busy, watchful, seeing and being seen. It is recommended that you allow yourself to be ‘driven’, enjoying whatever experience you are going through, for it is in this way that you will take on board what is most meaningful and useful to you. Then later you can make your decision or plan. Look at those around you, for they have something in common with you on a very essential level; they are in the same boat as you – but in what respect? …But watch out for always being an observer and never a doer, or thinking that you have not got a life because you are currently assessing what life for you and/or those around you means. “Befriending others eliminates alienation”

The coming Full Moon falls on November 6th 2014 at 06.22 GMT on the 15th degree of Taurus with the Sun on the opposite 15th degree of Scorpio for which the Sabian Symbols are respectively: “A Man Muffled Up in a Rakish Silk Hat” and “Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand”.  Bear in mind that a Full Moon is making us aware of something, the Sun or consciousness is illuminating the Moon or what is unconscious. It is also that ‘result’ of the New Moon described above. The following interpretations are taken from The Astrological Oracle, helping you to read what these Sabian Symbol are saying to you about your own situation and/or that of the world…

“A Man Muffled Up in a Rakish Silk Hat” (Moon)

SSP045 3-5-13Style as Protection

A case of emotional security having to take precedence over vanity or sex, but at the same being incorporated into it. The combined stylization and protection of self, that one should cut a dash and also be practical, whatever the season or situation. A personal style that moves with the times yet remains ever your own. Attaining or retaining whatever gives you both security and a pleasant life-style. But be wary of a self-conscious affectation that betrays any more profound sense of significance, or risking insecurity for the sake of trying something that (you feel) would expose you too much to the unknown. This Symbol also suggests the relationship between Soul and Personality. The soul is the essential or inner being that clothes itself in the outer appearance of the personality – one’s character, style, image, and the rest of the physical-emotional-mental equipment. Viewed in this way, it can be seen how the way we wear our personality can be a suitable or creative expression of what lies within, or as deceptive, constrictive and ultimately suffocating to that inner dwelling being. Focus on what is actually the nature of your soul – What does it feel? What does it wish to say and do? Where has it been? Where is it bound? The more these questions are properly addressed and answered, then the more successful and satisfying will be the expression your personality gives your soul. “May I address myself to me so the eye inside my head might see.”
“Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand” (Sun)

Child/Adult Interaction

SSP225 5-11-13Hopefully you are interacting with the challenges that life presents you with in a spontaneous and innocent way, thereby creating a valid and rewarding lifestyle. Alternatively, there is the prospect of having children and the responsibilities that they incur. Or, seeing how the passing of time is inexorably set against remaining a child or in a childlike state. Develop or make the most of your adventurous and childlike streak for this helps to take life beyond the humdrum and into a more magical realm of being. The pricelessness of a playful attitude to the challenges and difficulties that life presents one with – having fun as a means of dealing with heavy issues. But beware pointless and indulgent dabbling – or procrastination, for such will make normal problems ultimately insurmountable. The number 5 is representative of the planet Saturn, the energies of which are serious, even depressive, and decidedly unchildlike and unplayful. And so this indicates that the child (literal or inner) and the adult (literal or inner) have to learn to relate, or the child will feel sad and oppressed, and the adult will feel played up and out of control. It is recommended that you try a method call Self-Talk – – where you give a name to your inner child and a name to your adult. Get your child and your adult to talk with one another. If it’s a feeling you experience then it’s the child wanting to say something; if a judgement, it is the adult. Basically, the adult should support the child, while the child lends a lightness to the adult’s state of being. Be very wary of the vicious circle created by feeling low (child) and then condemning it (adult). Back problems can be caused by this lack of support. “Any system…that shocks the mind of a child cannot be a true system” (Thomas Paine)
Combining these two Symbols we can see that they both in their own way speak of the ‘inner’ and the ‘outer’ aspects of life or self: the ‘child or soul’ within and the ‘adult or personality’ without. In other words, this Full Moon is really emphasising the importance of this duality, and how in all walks of life we can benefit from being more conscious of it. For instance, a great deal of the troubles in this world, both personally and collectively, are down to adults behaving like hurt children. They hit out at whatever they see as the big bad adult, which can be anything from the state to their significant other, rather than recognize that the ‘inner’ is projecting onto the ‘outer’ – or vice versa with children being made to pretend they are adults and missing out on the innocence of childhood. The key to peace, in your home or the world, is the attaining of inner peace which necessitates the owning of one’s own shadow.  This Full Moon really lays this bare. The ‘Look and See’ of the preceding New Moon is aimed precisely at this.

Is the End Nigh?

Demons attack detailDemons and Diseases – and What Have They Got To Do With Me?

Current news can either make one shiver or find something else to occupy one’s mind. On the one hand I am talking here of those demons (I won’t mention their names) that are killing, torturing and committing all kinds of atrocity in the name of what they ‘believe’ in. On the other hand, I refer to the greatest outbreak to date of that horrendous disease, Ebola.  If you are like me and need to get a handle on these things rather than bury your head in the sand, then read on…


The astrology of the former, ‘Demons’, is predictable and predicted, and I refer you to my previous posts The Hidden Exposed Part 1- Awakening the Underworld and Part 2 – What Is The Dark and What Comes Out Of It. Here I talked of how dark and horrific events are an expression of our having to awaken to our Collective Shadow, symbolized by the ongoing Uranus (Awakening) /Pluto (Collective Shadow) Major Storm (2007-2020, see diagram/graph).  In other words, astrology can predict such things because it is the science and art of observing archetypal energies in play at any given time, whether it is for the individual or the world as a whole. The significant point here is that these ‘archetypal energies in play’ are a physical manifestation of things that have been bubbling under the surface for some time, like earthquakes and volcanoes, which at certain points erupt, spewing their ‘stuff’ – our Collective Shadow – all over us. So what is this, our Collective Shadow, and what can we do about it? And bear in mind that, like those earthquakes and volcanoes, they occur at various weak points on the Earth’s surface, but they can affect far greater areas than these ‘weak points. Equally the points where these disturbances occur are connected or affected by places where they are not directly happening.  Planet Earth is one great interconnected whole, as we are finding out quite dramatically, and even more so in the near future (see Saturn/Neptune Wave below). Not least of all we are having to put aside relatively minor differences and unite in order to deal with a increasingly dangerous enemy to us all. (see Astrological Weather below)

Darkness and Light, the Evil and the Good

Inasmuch as darkness is simply an absence of light, evil is an absence of goodness. When a powerful planet wave like the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave rolls in as it is currently doing, then the energies these planets represent can be experienced and expressed as either light or dark, evil or good – it all depends on our state as a species or civilisation, or as individuals. With regard to Pluto, this can be an energy employed as a power for good or a power that is evil. With respect to Uranus, this can be an energy that is awakening or shocking and disruptive.  Like the Wave that it is, its effect depends on every drop, every atom, of the ‘water’ that makes it up.  This means that the overall effect of all planet-waves is down to our collective state as an agglomeration of individual states. This does not mean to say that one is to blame for evil or disruption in the world, for none of this is about blame – an evil in itself.  But it is about every one of us taking responsibility for how much light we are or are not emitting, which includes honestly admitting to, and shedding light upon, our dark patches, that is, our doubts and fears. Light in the final analysis is simply the light of conscious awareness. For example, I know that with focussed conscious awareness I can heal a disease or infection I might have. To do this I really have to engage with that dark area to which pain is drawing my attention, rather than suppress the pain or divert my attention.  The light transforms the darkness into light, negative condition into positive condition.  One of the major positive expressions of the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave is Awakening (Uranus) to Powers (Pluto) we didn’t know we had.  This is largely because we have to, and it can manifest in any number of areas of human endeavour. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

Dissolving Boundaries

planet weather chartYou will also see in the diagram/graph on the left that there are other Planet Waves occurring simultaneously with the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave, which, you may also notice, is currently peaking. All these Planet waves are covered in my book Understanding The Future 2007-2020, but the one that is really drawing attention is the Saturn/Neptune Wave/Major Storm which is beginning around now, August 2014, and continues until around the same time 2017. A way of interpreting this Wave in general terms is Dissolving (Neptune) of Boundaries (Saturn) or Sea (Neptune) versus Land (Saturn).  This can have numerous effects – highly notable ones happening during the last Saturn/Neptune Major Storm November 2004 to August 2008 were the Asian Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.  Such dissolving of boundaries can also occur in other ways, like the coming down of the Berlin Wall in 1989 during the Saturn/Neptune Major Storm 1987-1991.

Ebola_virus_particlesWhat I am concerned about here is the Dissolving or Boundaries that manifests as pandemics, for they can spread in ways that we find hard to contain or control.  To name the big three, the Black Death in the 14th Century (1346-53), the Great Plague in the 17th Century (1666-65), and Spanish Flu in 1918 – all occurred during Saturn/Neptune Major Storms.  Not only does Saturn/Neptune involve the crossing of country boundaries, but also immune system boundaries, and species boundaries.  Spanish Flu was reckoned to be originally a bird flu that crossed over to humans. And during the last Saturn/Neptune Wave of 2004–08, there was increasing alarm at the possibility of this happening again with the spread of bird flu.

And now with the incoming Saturn/Neptune Wave manifesting as the greatest yet outbreak of Ebola, we who are not directly affected by any of these Demons or Diseases, could now pose the question…

What Has All This Got To Do With Me?

Saturn/Neptune Waves bring it home to us – or should do – that we are all interconnected, that we ultimately sink or swim together. We as individual humans are all cells in the collective body that is Humanity. This means that your individual state goes to make up the state of the world as a whole. E. Lorenz, a main originator of Chaos Theory, suggested that next month’s weather could well be so delicately dependent on conditions today that it made sense to ask, “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas”.

Is the End Nigh?

The image of the religious maniac marching along the road with a board proclaiming ‘The End Is Nigh’ serves as a metaphor for our times – but hopefully not an actual fact. Or as Samuel Johnson put it “Nothing concentrates the mind so wonderfully well as the prospect of being hanged in the morning”.  Back to the overarching significance of the Uranus/Pluto Mother Wave, it is saying (shouting) that we must awaken to our positive powers as spiritual beings in physical bodies or we are in grave danger of being seriously affected by powers that are beyond our control.  The secret lies with each one of us raising our consciousness just that little bit more so that a critical chink of light is allowed in to illuminate what is really going on and show the way forward. We have to identify and deal with our personal demons if we wish to keep at bay those very real ones that appear to come at us from the outside.

Full Moon on September 9th 2014

The coming Full Moon

This falls on September 9th 2014 at 01.39 GMT on the 17th degree of Pisces with the Sun on the opposite 17th degree of Virgo for which the Sabian Symbols are respectively: “An Easter Parade”and “A Volcano in Eruption”.  Bear in mind that a Full Moon is making us aware of something, the Sun or consciousness is illuminating the Moon or what is unconscious. It is also that ‘result’ of the New Moon described above. The following interpretations are taken from The Astrological Oracle, helping you to read what these Sabian Symbol are saying to you about your own situation and/or that of the world…

SSP347 6-3-13“An Easter Parade” (Moon)

Stepping Out

This is a surprisingly complex Symbol because the original meaning of Easter came from the word oestrus, sexual heat or impulse – from which the word oestrogen also derives – and from Eostre, the goddess whose festival was held at the Spring Equinox. Then it was commandeered by the Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Then came the Easter Parade itself, which turned the whole thing into a social or fashion event. The common meaning here is therefore one of emerging or re-emerging, or just stepping out. So this is a birth of a new time or cycle, but what one thinks that means can make the difference between being a profound rebirth or a superficial attempt at being noticed for whatever image one has to offer, from a simple and outright renewing of oneself, to being stuck in the some meaningless convention.

“Blossom by blossom the Spring begins” (Swinburne)

SSP167 7-9-13“A Volcano In Eruption” (Sun)

A Need For Emotional Release

Here we are witnessing the repressed feelings at the very core of one’s being that every so often just have to come to the surface – forcibly. Or anything that is being forced by circumstances to blow its top. Keep in touch with the urge to be true to your innermost self that inevitably can brook no interference or suppression from others, or for that matter, from your own inhibitions. Concentrate on finding a way of releasing the tension while exercising maximum damage limitation. And beware of destructive temper and meaningless bluster, unless it is in the presence of someone who recognizes the need for it, and does not take it personally – or if they do, it has something to do with their own inner tensions. Never suppress powerful feelings for too long – such could prove quite harmful. Karmically, this Symbol refers to anything from your past that is erupting into the present. This could manifest as strife in your home, health, or any area of your life. Unless you track down the roots of what is disturbing you then that inner turmoil will continue to waste and disrupt your body or surrounding circumstances. First admit to having inner or external turmoil, then find ways of releasing it, like talking it out with someone you trust with your heavy or dark side, or through artistic expression, or just living out your emotions in a healthy and honest relationship. Keep an eye out for signs of suppressed emotion, like grief, coming out as anger, irritability or health problems, such as for example, skin complaints, toxicity, tension, chronic catarrh.

“And then more torrents of fire and shit/ A feast of blaming and resentment/ Framed in Honesty’s great expanding infinity/ Accommodating all our dread” (LB)

Combining these two Symbols we can see that they are both about something bursting out from beneath the surface. Much of what has already been written about in this Bulletin could be said be about this phenomenon of the beginning of a new time being marked by uprisings and eruption and fall-out. Most of all it refers to what is ‘bubbling under’ in your own life and the lives of those close to you.  Paying heed to this and avoiding being superficial could make the difference between peace or strife, empowerment and disempowerment, success or failure.  And of course, see how this is manifesting in the world at large, and be the wiser for it, bringing in the Light of Consciousness in the process.


Here is the Sabian Solar Portal for the 24 hrs (approx) from 11.20 GMT May 9th to 12.05 GMT May 10th, through which the Sun ‘speaks’ to us in the language of the Sabian Symbol on the degree at which the Sun is currently placed. This is like a cosmic ‘thought for the day’ – and more. See how it resonates with you, guides you, or inspires you – let it speak to you personally. The Sabian Solar Portal for this period, at 20 degrees Taurus, is…

“Wind, Clouds and Haste”

The Transitory

SSP050 8-5-13 cap lbcChange and uncertainty, and the pressures these two hands of Fate mete out, seemingly forcing us to hurry things to some conclusion or resolution. The comings and goings, the ups and downs, and the rushing hither and thither, which are the lot of most people – but which provide an inexhaustible supply of interest and enthusiasm – and of needless anxiety. The ephemeral. Endeavouring to accustom yourself to living with uncertainty, to let things unfold and resolve themselves as they will, in their own time. Cultivate a lust for life that is ever able to maintain its poise and hold its course amidst the hustle and bustle of the everyday world, enjoying every moment as being sufficient unto itself. Keep cool, stable and unruffled rather than squandering time or wasting energy on what is inconsequential or very unlikely.

“All things must pass”

DOES THE SUN SPEAK TO YOU? Let us know here how this Sabian Symbol message from the Sun plays out for you…

We are all time travellers

Travelling through the mists of time

Continuing to use the Karma AstroTrace, which is a 12 step method, I am going to show you the fourth step so you can use it to find out some of the ways in which you can determine your Karmic Score, which includes the critical lessons and trustworthy assets that go with it and/or must be learned from it.  Saturn is a complex symbol, not least of all because it apparently makes itself felt as the state of our physical or material circumstances, which means to say anything that is apparently separate from the ‘you’ who is experiencing those circumstances. As such, Saturn can come to be seen as something that is happening outside of our control, or, that we have to work hard at to bring under control.  But its complexity is down to the fact that these outer circumstances – which may also be regarded as including your physical body – are actually generated from within.  Saturn is simply the power to physically manifest that which initially exists as pure psychic energy, that being your soul (the Moon in your chart) that comes into the World to experience itself as an Earthly reality.  In doing so your soul encounters circumstances that exactly match its status, its ‘form'(like for a racehorse), its Karmic Score.

As with the previous step, to practice this one you will again need part of the Karma AstroTrace and the Birth Chart Guide, both of which you can download free from here: ) And if you have not got one yet, you will also need to have your birth chart, which with the Birth Chart Guide, I will help you read in order to gather your ‘evidence’.  If you have not got a copy of your birth chart, it is best to get the one from me as it is the version I refer to in this process, and this costs only 3.00 GBP (approx 2.84 USD) from here: .  Using all of these I am going to again walk you through this astro-detective work.

Birth Chart Guide – Using the Guide you will see Saturn’s glyph as shown on the left.  Where and how its position is given by Sign and House in the chart data depends on the style of chart you have. If you have a copy of the chart you got from me (HomeStar/Argus software) Saturn is given in the far upper right section of the data, and it is on the seventh line.  There you will see its exact position by degrees and minutes, followed by the Sign (3 letter abbreviation) and then the House number.

The glyph itself, which will be shown on your chartwheel itself, is possibly stylized, as glyphs often are.  But it is actually comprised of two basic symbols: the semicircle which represents the soul, surmounted by the cross which represents matter. So Saturn is basically material circumstances weighing down upon the nature of the soul – but those circumstances, as just pointed out, are in direct accord with the soul’s ‘score’ or condition.

In our example of KA, his Saturn position is given as follows: 8 49 Cnc 12 which means that his Saturn is at 8 degrees and 49 minutes of Cancer and in the 12th House.

The Sign of your Saturn – First we look at the Sign in which your Saturn is placed in as this gives us clues as to the Qualities of the Roles or Events that occurred previously.  KA’s Saturn Sign is Cancer, so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed SIGNS=Qualities of the Roles or Events and see in the Cancer row that his “Karmic Score, which includes the critical lessons and trustworthy assets that go with it and/or must be learned from it” are concerned with being: caring/neglectful – nurturing/spoiling – home-making/home-wrecking – emotional/irrational – security/insecurity – roots\family\mother.  So now determine your own Saturn Sign and look up the keywords that apply to it and, as these are your next set of clues, write them on that sheet of paper or board where you have previously recorded your North Lunar Node and House findings for Step Three, your South Lunar Node and House findings for Step Two, plus your Moon-Sign and Moon-House clues from Step One.

The House of your Saturn – Now we are going to gain more information by looking at the House Saturn is placed in. This will tell us in what field of life activity or experience will manifest our “Karmic Score, which includes the critical lessons and trustworthy assets that go with it and/or must be learned from it”.

KA’s Saturn is in the Twelfth House (which is just above far left or east of one’s chart), so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed HOUSES=Life Areas or Situations in which Planet Roles Manifest and see that KA’s Saturnian state manifests as: karma – hidden enemies – womb-life – confinement – the divine.  What is striking here is that he has the planet of Karma in the House of Karma.  In effect this is a doubling up, meaning his karma as such has reached a very critical point, it is something that is not just due but overdue, and he just cannot ignore it any longer or there will be very serious consequences.  This was stressed very early on when KA was actually in his mother’s womb when she almost died, and so would he have died, when she had blood poisoning!  A ‘trustworthy asset’ here was and is a strong constitution and dutiful mother in this life, also as a reliability in his own person – that is, he would see things through.  Now check out the House position of your own Saturn, look up the appropriate keywords, and write down these clues or guidelines on your paper or board.

The way in which all this will be experienced and expressed by you will have a lot to do with any other points or planets you may also have placed in both the Sign and House of your Saturn. In KA’s case, as was revealed in the last step, he also has his North Lunar Node in Cancer in the Twelfth House, which heavily emphasizes not just the karmic duty of Saturn but also the karmic opportunity and optimum direction!  A great deal points to Cancer and the Twelfth House, which could be summed up with phrases such keyphrases as “emotional confinement”;”mother’s hidden enemies”; “security from the divine” – all of which can be ‘turned’ and explored to reveal further insights and questions.

Placements in Capricorn – It can also be helpful and revealing to look at any planetary placements, points or house cusps or interceptions in the Sign that is ruled by Saturn, that is, Capricorn. In KA’s case he has, as explored in Step Two, he has his South Lunar Node there, emphasizing the importance of steering away from negative Capricornian inclinations and traits, such as being ‘rigid’ and ‘controlling’. It is seen in KA’s chart that he has no house cusp in Capricorn, but that the Sign is ‘intercepted’ in the Sixth House, meaning that it totally contained in that House.  This indicates that Capricornian matters are not only vital to relinquish, but that they are not readily accessible (the essential meaning of an intercepted Sign). So this could be seen as a blessing and a curse! Overall here, it is noted how strongly the polarity of Cancer/Capricorn and 6th House/12th House is stressed in his chart, life and personality.

As I said before, no-one knows better than oneself the experiences and feelings that you have and have had.  Using this most basic and personal awareness and intermixing it with the information given here and in the Karma-AstroTrace, and with what you find by further researching Sign and House meanings, what we have looked at so far, the Moon and the Lunar Nodes, and now Saturn, can indeed liberate one to a new and higher level of consciousness and therefore life experience and quality.

And please feel free to share and discuss your findings so far, and to pose any questions.