Here is the Sabian Solar Portal for the 24 hrs (approx) from 11.20 GMT May 9th to 12.05 GMT May 10th, through which the Sun ‘speaks’ to us in the language of the Sabian Symbol on the degree at which the Sun is currently placed. This is like a cosmic ‘thought for the day’ – and more. See how it resonates with you, guides you, or inspires you – let it speak to you personally. The Sabian Solar Portal for this period, at 20 degrees Taurus, is…

“Wind, Clouds and Haste”

The Transitory

SSP050 8-5-13 cap lbcChange and uncertainty, and the pressures these two hands of Fate mete out, seemingly forcing us to hurry things to some conclusion or resolution. The comings and goings, the ups and downs, and the rushing hither and thither, which are the lot of most people – but which provide an inexhaustible supply of interest and enthusiasm – and of needless anxiety. The ephemeral. Endeavouring to accustom yourself to living with uncertainty, to let things unfold and resolve themselves as they will, in their own time. Cultivate a lust for life that is ever able to maintain its poise and hold its course amidst the hustle and bustle of the everyday world, enjoying every moment as being sufficient unto itself. Keep cool, stable and unruffled rather than squandering time or wasting energy on what is inconsequential or very unlikely.

“All things must pass”

DOES THE SUN SPEAK TO YOU? Let us know here how this Sabian Symbol message from the Sun plays out for you…