The New Moon
This fell yesterday on October 23rd 2014 at 21.58 GMT on the very 1st degree of Scorpio, and is also a Partial Eclipse of the Sun which indicates that this is something we need to be more than usually mindful of as there is a danger of losing the plot. The Sabian Symbol for it is: “A Sight-Seeing Bus”. Remember that the New Moon sets the tone until the Full Moon a fortnight later when we get a kind of ‘read-out’ of how well we ‘got’ or gave expression to the New. As usual, the following interpretation is taken from The Astrological Oracle, but please endeavour to read what this Sabian Symbol is saying to you personally, perhaps using my interpretation as a prompt to your own intuition, if it is not directly applying to your current situation or question…

SSP211 22-10-13Look and See

Suggested here is a pleasant and convenient manner of orientating oneself and perusing what’s on offer – and seeing as this is the first degree of Scorpio, an opportunity to spy on, and to look beneath surface appearances of people and events as the anonymous observer! At the same time this puts one neatly in touch with one’s fellow beings or travellers by sharing with them the culture common to the area, or what you have in common with them. Or you could be simply in the midst of a passing show.  Familiarizing yourself with the people and environment appertaining to your situation, thereby creating an intimacy with both faces and places, customs and ways. Orientating yourself by knowing (in relation to where you are) the cardinal points, nearest water, nearest mountain, nature of soil, etc. Avoid an impersonal and profit-motivated approach towards interaction with others and the environment that is ultimately disenchanting or even disastrous. Karmically, this Symbol is telling you that life is allowing you to view what’s available so that you eventually know what to do or get, where to go, or what way to go. You may be reacquainting yourself with somewhere from your past, with a view to taking it up from where you left off. For health, keep moving, busy, watchful, seeing and being seen. It is recommended that you allow yourself to be ‘driven’, enjoying whatever experience you are going through, for it is in this way that you will take on board what is most meaningful and useful to you. Then later you can make your decision or plan. Look at those around you, for they have something in common with you on a very essential level; they are in the same boat as you – but in what respect? …But watch out for always being an observer and never a doer, or thinking that you have not got a life because you are currently assessing what life for you and/or those around you means. “Befriending others eliminates alienation”

The coming Full Moon falls on November 6th 2014 at 06.22 GMT on the 15th degree of Taurus with the Sun on the opposite 15th degree of Scorpio for which the Sabian Symbols are respectively: “A Man Muffled Up in a Rakish Silk Hat” and “Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand”.  Bear in mind that a Full Moon is making us aware of something, the Sun or consciousness is illuminating the Moon or what is unconscious. It is also that ‘result’ of the New Moon described above. The following interpretations are taken from The Astrological Oracle, helping you to read what these Sabian Symbol are saying to you about your own situation and/or that of the world…

“A Man Muffled Up in a Rakish Silk Hat” (Moon)

SSP045 3-5-13Style as Protection

A case of emotional security having to take precedence over vanity or sex, but at the same being incorporated into it. The combined stylization and protection of self, that one should cut a dash and also be practical, whatever the season or situation. A personal style that moves with the times yet remains ever your own. Attaining or retaining whatever gives you both security and a pleasant life-style. But be wary of a self-conscious affectation that betrays any more profound sense of significance, or risking insecurity for the sake of trying something that (you feel) would expose you too much to the unknown. This Symbol also suggests the relationship between Soul and Personality. The soul is the essential or inner being that clothes itself in the outer appearance of the personality – one’s character, style, image, and the rest of the physical-emotional-mental equipment. Viewed in this way, it can be seen how the way we wear our personality can be a suitable or creative expression of what lies within, or as deceptive, constrictive and ultimately suffocating to that inner dwelling being. Focus on what is actually the nature of your soul – What does it feel? What does it wish to say and do? Where has it been? Where is it bound? The more these questions are properly addressed and answered, then the more successful and satisfying will be the expression your personality gives your soul. “May I address myself to me so the eye inside my head might see.”
“Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand” (Sun)

Child/Adult Interaction

SSP225 5-11-13Hopefully you are interacting with the challenges that life presents you with in a spontaneous and innocent way, thereby creating a valid and rewarding lifestyle. Alternatively, there is the prospect of having children and the responsibilities that they incur. Or, seeing how the passing of time is inexorably set against remaining a child or in a childlike state. Develop or make the most of your adventurous and childlike streak for this helps to take life beyond the humdrum and into a more magical realm of being. The pricelessness of a playful attitude to the challenges and difficulties that life presents one with – having fun as a means of dealing with heavy issues. But beware pointless and indulgent dabbling – or procrastination, for such will make normal problems ultimately insurmountable. The number 5 is representative of the planet Saturn, the energies of which are serious, even depressive, and decidedly unchildlike and unplayful. And so this indicates that the child (literal or inner) and the adult (literal or inner) have to learn to relate, or the child will feel sad and oppressed, and the adult will feel played up and out of control. It is recommended that you try a method call Self-Talk – – where you give a name to your inner child and a name to your adult. Get your child and your adult to talk with one another. If it’s a feeling you experience then it’s the child wanting to say something; if a judgement, it is the adult. Basically, the adult should support the child, while the child lends a lightness to the adult’s state of being. Be very wary of the vicious circle created by feeling low (child) and then condemning it (adult). Back problems can be caused by this lack of support. “Any system…that shocks the mind of a child cannot be a true system” (Thomas Paine)
Combining these two Symbols we can see that they both in their own way speak of the ‘inner’ and the ‘outer’ aspects of life or self: the ‘child or soul’ within and the ‘adult or personality’ without. In other words, this Full Moon is really emphasising the importance of this duality, and how in all walks of life we can benefit from being more conscious of it. For instance, a great deal of the troubles in this world, both personally and collectively, are down to adults behaving like hurt children. They hit out at whatever they see as the big bad adult, which can be anything from the state to their significant other, rather than recognize that the ‘inner’ is projecting onto the ‘outer’ – or vice versa with children being made to pretend they are adults and missing out on the innocence of childhood. The key to peace, in your home or the world, is the attaining of inner peace which necessitates the owning of one’s own shadow.  This Full Moon really lays this bare. The ‘Look and See’ of the preceding New Moon is aimed precisely at this.