Window of Golden Opportunity – Once in a long while there is what could be called a Celestial Golden Opportunity, a Cosmic Jackpot on the Cosmic Fruit Machine. But unless one actually ‘pulls the lever’ and takes advantage of it, then its benefits are greatly minimised, a bit like an unclaimed lottery win! This opportunity takes the form of a very unusual ‘Grand Trine’ occurring in the middle of March. Grand Trines are planets forming an equilateral triangle around us from the viewpoint of the Earth; they happen quite often but rarely do they form an exact equilateral triangle, to the degree. Not only that but this Grand Trine also has not one but two planets conjoined at one of the corners of the triangle – again exactly to the degree. Furthermore those two conjoined planets are the two Benefics of astrology; the bringers or goodwill, abundance, harmony and love. On top of all this, this Grand Trine is comprised of two slow movers and shakers, planets that affect the masses, the history-makers – and two fast-moving ones that act as personal triggers or focalizers of those more powerful planets. All of these factors make this such a rare celestial event that I have not as yet been able to find its occurrence before or after this present time.

Grand Trines in general, be they inexact and made up of only three planets of any type, or exact and comprised of more than three planets, both fast and slow, like this one, usually manifest as positive events, or at least they lessen difficulties that are occurring at the time – be it in your personal life or on the world stage. However Grand Trines are quite passive as they are essentially a very harmonious configuration of energies. So although they can just create positive events anyway, to make the best of them it is advisable to be proactive, and this is especially the case with this extremely rare one.

Personal – Now you can reap personal benefits from this Grand Trine, if you ascertain whether or not it directly influences one planet or more in your own birth chart. And then take it from there, perhaps getting further astrological advice on how to maximize its effect if need be. If you know your own chart fairly well, then look for any planet or point on the 9th (that’s 8 degrees and so many minutes) or 10th degree (9 degrees and so many minutes) of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn – and also of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Global – But what we are doing here is recognizing the significance of this Grand Trine as a global event. In other words, we can all utilize this planetary wave of positive energy to benefit the whole world, especially places and people that really need that benefit – which could be said to be why it’s happening now of all times. Not only would we achieve this, but we would be establishing a cosmic uplink, a rainbow bridge, and downloading positive energy into the world, thereby benefitting us all. To do this we need firstly to be consciously aware of when it is happening; secondly, know more about its individual nature, and thirdly, do something that will take advantage of the opportunity that it offers. In effect this will anchor the energies of this exceptional Grand Trine, establishing the advent of a more spiritually aware – that is, mutually supportive – civilization.

The Time – The approximate maximum period when the Portal which is this Grand Trine is directly influential is between March 9th, when the Portal begins to form, and March 19th when it finally closes or fades out. Its epicentre is March 13th and 14th, when the Portal is open widest. So being mindful of it and its nature all through this period – which also means talking about with others – is what is required, in addition to what we can do during the epicentre, which will be described shortly.

Its Nature: Love, Power and Plenty – With respect to the actual influence and nature of this Grand Trine, first we must consider the element is in. Grand Trines nearly always have a corner in each of the three Signs of the same element – earth, fire, air or water. This one is in earth, so it is called a Grand Earthy Trine, which means that basically its beneficial potential is of a physical, material and practical nature. Then we consider the planets that comprise it, which are the two Benefics, Venus and Jupiter, conjoined in Taurus in one corner, Mars in Virgo in the second corner, and Pluto in Capricorn in the third. We can sum this earthy practical energy up in the following keywords: Love and Sharing (Venus) combined with Abundance and Goodwill (Jupiter) with regard to Stability and Money (Taurus) flowing harmoniously with Assertiveness and Courage (Mars) applied to Service and Improvement (Virgo) flowing harmoniously with Power and Regeneration (Pluto) in a way that is Organized and Structured (Capricorn).

So we can see that this Grand Earth Trine is like a Portal through which is streaming a gift from the great beyond to the hearts and minds of humanity that resonate with these virtues and bounties so described. But, as I say, although this Portal of Love, Power and Plenty will indeed bestow its effects upon us individually and collectively, the degree to which it does so depends greatly upon our acknowledgement of it and our acting upon it. It is after all only a portal, an opening, a window of opportunity. It is our consciousness of and response to it that makes all the difference between enjoying a better week than most and one that could substantially help to deliver our world from the difficulties we are in, and the ones we have yet to face. One obvious example of this would be for the powers that be to cooperate profoundly and bring an end to suffering in Syria. In fact, any area that is in need of supply (Venus and Jupiter) being swiftly delivered to where it is needed in a direct and powerful way (Mars and Pluto) is what this Grand Trine is all about. Quite simply, here is love and care being given.

Actualization – To help this Grand Earthy Trine manifest its benefits, we only have to sense it pouring through and express it in a very real and practical way – as it is being offered us. As this Grand Earthy Trine, this Portal, opens, then so too should our hearts – and possibly our pockets. Regard it as a super-positive healing virus. To add to the sense of its profound reality it also helps to focus more closely upon it by using the Sabian Symbols for the degree positions of each corner of the triangle that forms it. The position of Mars is on the 10th degree of Virgo which has the Symbol: ‘Two Heads Looking Out Beyond the Shadows’. This is confirming that this Grand Earthy Trine can resolve and take us beyond current difficulties, by joining with each other, and being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We could also say that the ‘two heads’ in this Symbol refer to the two other corners of the Grand Earthy Trine and their Symbols, for they are: the all-important conjunction of Venus and Jupiter which is on the 10th degree of Taurus and has the Symbol ‘A Red Cross Nurse’. This is so literal is needs no interpreting! And the other ‘head’ is Pluto on the 10th degree of Capricorn (the Sign of Worldly Powers and Government), which is ‘An Albatross Feeding from the Hand’. Again this hardly needs much interpretation. Suffice to say that we again see humanity feeding the needy, and the communion between humanity and other life forms, especially as this confers good luck and healing upon us all.

Ritual or Prayer – Finally, in order to bring down and anchor these beautifully positive energies, it is recommended that you practise some ritual or prayer of your own choosing, with all the above in mind – and while gazing at the pictorial representation of the Portal at the top of this posting. You can perform such rituals on every day that the Portal is open, but most importantly make sure you do so on March 13th and 14th when it is wide open. If you can perform a ritual together with others, then all the better. For myself, I will be practising my usual yoga and solar meditation which includes a voicing of the Title of the Day and its Command according to the Quiché Mayan Calendar, along with a Mudra and Affirmation. If you wish, you can do this too – and see how wonderfully appropriate they are. (For finding more out about this go to

Command/Invocation for March 13th
Red Resonant Earth
We channel in order to evolve
Inspiring synchronicity
We seal the matrix of navigation
With the resonant tone of attunement
We are guided by the power of universal water

Then perform this mudra: Fingers and thumbs of both hands touching to form a downward pointing triangular shape over solar plexus, moving to sacral, then to root, pause, the back to sacral to solar plexus; then invert to point upwards over the heart, to throat, to brow, to crown above the head, then back to the heart chakra. Repeat whole three times. Then voice this Affirmation: ‘I am aligned with my centre, Earth force aligned with cosmic force.’

Command/Invocation for March 14th
White Galactic Mirror
We harmonize in order to reflect
Modelling order
We seal the matrix of endlessness
With the galactic tone of integrity
We are guided by the power of spirit

Then perform this mudra: Alternating one arm at a time, reach out above the head; then cross arms diagonally in a downward sweep, as if the arms were sword cutting through illusion. Then voice this Affirmation: ‘I am the truth beyond mirrors. I now step through the mirror into the greater reality.’

Spread The Word – To really benefit from this Portal, obviously the more people that know about it and act on it the better. So please inform those you know who would be interested by sending this link and as ever, please share your experiences and observations here with regard to this Portal. Psychically sensitive people will definitely be picking it up, probably as heart energy.  There are many more wonderful dimensions and details concerning this Grand Earthy Trine, this Portal of Love, Power and Plenty, which I do not have the space to share with you here. But I will add one more thing. Someone, or a number of people, being born at certain times during the opening of this Portal, and especially on the 13th and 14th, will be in possession of such a profound sense of love and power that they will indeed benefit the world when they come of age, or maybe even sooner. Interestingly, considering the importance of this year and the next in terms of world crises and our need for ‘help from above’, there is another notable Grand Trine ahead on and around July 20th 2013, and I will be informing you of this at that time. Finally my thanks to Peter Meyer at for his generous help with computations.

And feel free to to save the image of the Portal to your own computers so you can view/print it full-size, etc.