In this posting I again refer to my last book Understanding The Future where I made a number of predictions that have come true.  As the title above states, this was the easy bit! What to do with these predictions, and others in the book, is the real challenge.  This is especially the case now as the very powerful planetary set-up that the book is based upon, the Uranus/Pluto Square (or Mother-Wave as I dub it) is now approaching its first period of exactitude, or the first time the Wave peaks – its most powerful phase, posing more of same, but possibly of greater impact (May-October 2012) .  The overall duration of this massively transformative Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave is from 2007 to 2020, but the peaks occur off and on from this May through until 2015.  To meet this challenge of these predicted events, and even influence them as they occur or before they arrive, all through the book I tried to present ways in which we as individuals can view and respond to them that make some power available to us – rather than just feeling helpless victims of fate.  I called this method Astro-Quantum as it rests upon a principle that both astrology and quantum physics share: everything and everyone is interconnected, illustrated by the question “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas” – this being the subtitle to E. Lorenz’s paper ‘Predictability’ at 1979’s meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  In other words, the very way in which each of us lives and even thinks affects the whole.

So below I draw your attention to a number of key predictions I made, along with the actual events that have happened so far, and the Astro-Quantum angle on how to ‘surf’ these Planet-Waves.  Bear in mind that I also refer to other Planet-Waves (challenging ones that I call ‘Major Storms’ involving Saturn/Pluto, Saturn/Neptune and Saturn/ Uranus) that occur during the overall period of the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave: 2007-2020.  I also give the {page numbers} in the book where these extracts appear. NOTE: the text for the book was written in 2006 and 2007.

PREDICTED Economic Crises {Events so far: Worldwide Credit Crunch that begun 2008 and is ongoing}


“Cracks and Crashes – Because our world has become overly materialistic to a hideous degree, there has to be a proportionate shock to our material state to make us sit up and take notice. This means having a long hard look at what really creates material stability for the whole world and not just a greedy few. Instability within the human race is reflected in the instability of planet Earth herself, a piece of real estate that no one really owns. In fact, she owns us – and to her we are definitely dispensable, even questionable, assets. If we do not look at the ecology alongside the economy, there will be a crash to end all crashes during either the 2008-11 Saturn/Pluto Major Storm or the 2018–21 one. At the very least, the earlier one will be showing us some undeniable warning cracks.

Astro-Quantum – Saturn governs economy, not least of all in the sense that when it is active it pressures us to be economical. Pluto, as is its wont, intensifies the effect of whatever planet is making a Wave with it. So it becomes intensely important to practise economy in a personal sense, for in this way we affect the economy as a whole. This does not mean being stingy and wearing a hair shirt, but it does mean living according to only what you need to maintain a standard of living that enables you to continue your life and its essential purpose. Simply put, if you are living your life in a way that serves an end greater than yourself – that is, a spiritual purpose – then you will be supported. Literally or psychologically, Saturn/Pluto puts us under a ‘war-time economy’. The opposite end of this spectrum is greed, or neurotically hanging on to what you don’t need. The more of us who practise this true economy, the less likely a ‘crash’ is. But nothing will stop the cracks showing, for they are the proof of the matter making itself known!”

PREDICTED Uprising and Revolution {Events so far: Arab Spring, Burma, street riots, etc}


“The Role of Uranus – Whereas Saturn/Pluto describes the timing and nature of the ‘destructive use of power’, it is actually when Uranus, the planet of Freedom, Rebellion and Reform looms into the planetary picture that people rise up against these repressive regimes. As I write in September 2007, the beginnings of uprisings are occurring in two countries whose governments fit this bill only too well: Burma and Zimbabwe. As the Saturn/Uranus Wave 2007–12 and the swelling Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave 2007–20 continue to do their revolutionary thing, we shall see more and more such uprisings, great and small.”

{page 207}

“Rebellion and Disorder – Mounting discontent and disillusionment with the State and anyone in authority become rebellious stirrings, mounting to outright dissent with street demonstrations and the like.”

{page 28}

“What Are We Human Beings Really About? – A Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave churns to the surface all those things we have been sitting on, putting off or just denying. But it doesn’t just do this for the hell of it, because it is all in aid of putting us more in touch with what it actually means to be a human being deep down – living as we do on a ball of earth and water spinning in space around an even bigger ball of fire! It wants us to feel free to be what we were destined to be, what we were really supposed to be. The trouble is that by way of overcompensation this can either mean that we live to excess and destroy more than we liberate, or that certain forces clamp down heavily as we make our blows for freedom and a more satisfying and meaningful existence. These ‘forces’ can be internal in the form of fears and conditioning, or external in the form of authority, tradition or anyone who has some power over us. Either way, the more they resist or suppress our need to be who we truly are, the greater will be the measure of explosiveness, rebellion and upheaval that is unleashed in our bid to satisfy or merely recognize that need.  As you will constantly find as you read this book, this excess or suppression is now taking form in the actual physical condition of the planet we live upon. Our excesses coupled with our lack of awareness of what it actually means to be human have created in us appetites and habits that are destroying us and our environment. Merely suppressing or outlawing these excesses only increases them. We really must get to the bottom of why we are like we are – and find out what we are.”

PREDICTED Major Earthquakes {Events so far: Haiti, New Zealand, Chile, Japan}

{page 46}

“The Devil of This Time: Rude Awakening – This is the abuse of power, giving into negative influences or simply cynically denying and not tuning into the Spirit of the Time as described above {Uranus/Pluto = Awakening to Power and the Power of Awakening}. There could be powers unleashed that are destructive, possibly on a large scale. This would be placing life out of our control, with worst-case scenarios being nuclear war or a natural disaster, especially earthquakes and volcanoes, or anything cataclysmic or destructive that is described in this chapter and others. This would be telling us that we do not understand that each one of us has the power within us that contributes to making the world a better or worse place. This Mother-Wave has the power to annihilate us, or most of us, if we persist with our old selfish and ignorant, guilty and greedy ways – or with thinking that if someone does not agree with us they therefore must be against us. Most of all it is the failure to realize that you as an individual have the power to influence the whole, in a small or great way – because the whole is made up of millions of individual wills and minds – that will contribute to the Devil of this Time getting its wicked way, or to the Spirit of the Time prevailing, as is intended.”

{page 86}

“Earthly Powers – Saturn is the ground we stand upon; Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is underground. When they come into collision during Major Storms, this can manifest as government versus guerrilla/insurgent, or in a literal way as geophysical upheavals – mainly earthquakes. As you will find throughout this book, Major Storms involving any of the planets can stress the actual physical state of planet Earth, but it would seem that Saturn/Pluto, by virtue of what they represent, are particularly ‘responsible’ for earthquakes and the like.

In an Astro-Quantum sense, the question again arises as to whether and how much human affairs and behaviour affect the physical state of the Earth herself, including her atmosphere and weather. It could be argued that earthquakes and other terrestrial disturbances are the very stuff of the formation of the planet, before we were even here. But the mere fact that it has settled down immeasurably and progressively since man has been present, is an interesting one. The Astro-Quantum approach of Understanding The Future puts forth the idea that everything is interconnected in a manner that quantum physics and astrology both bear witness to. In short, the fewer disturbances and more harmony we create in our individual lives, the fewer disturbances and more harmony there will be in the world, including the actual fabric of the planet itself. Of course, there will still be occurrences like earthquakes, but how damaging and death-dealing they are is ‘negotiable’. This point is especially important to grasp, and give actuality to, during Saturn/Pluto Waves, simply because they can be so damaging and death-dealing.”{many historical cases cited}

{page 109}

“Geophysical Stress – Mother Earth is going to be in a ‘mood’! She is not happy with the way we are living on her – or rather off her. Anything you can do that communes with the Earth, like helping and being in touch with the natural world, including the practise of shamanism and ancient ‘Earth religions’, assists in ‘spreading the load’. Direct action against anything or anyone that abuses the Earth also helps of course. And all these activities will increase and become more earnest during the Saturn/Pluto Major Storms. Unfortunately, as Saturn/Pluto inclines governments towards material and power considerations, environmental issues are in danger of no longer becoming the priority they need to be.”


“Earthquake Alert 2009–12!

Earthquakes and other natural disasters, plus freedom from repression, repression of freedom and terrorist acts are all likely to intensify during this period.”

{page 201}

“None of this needs necessarily be so. Acts of terrorism and war, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and mistaking licence for freedom are all connected. Surfing the Planet-Waves through simply absorbing the information and using the aids given here will subtly but powerful make a difference. Finding the balance between Saturn and Uranus, between discipline and freedom, and knowing what’s fine to keep as it is and what needs changing, all contribute towards creating a balance of these energies globally. The more positively attuned and properly balanced our collective consciousness is, the more difficult it is for negative expressions to manifest. Very simple ways of striking this balance and becoming so attuned are given later in this chapter.

Just Around The Corner: Anarchy – During Saturn/Uranus Waves, anarchy is always just around the corner, but particularly as it occurs against the intensifying and extreme-producing backdrop of a Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave. Uranus-ruled anarchy, by definition, is ‘the failure of law and government’ and some might say that is what it takes to wake us up to the ills of society. But this, from Saturn’s cautious and objective side of the equation, is a ‘kill-or-cure’ remedy which might look good in a film or on a news bulletin, but probably not in the street where you live.”

PREDICTED Serious Nuclear Accidents {Events so far: Japan}

{page 38}

“Another Chernobyl? – The risk of something sudden and enormous – like another Chernobyl, the most serious of all civil nuclear accidents – is not that computable. But astrologically, it is during this Uranus/Pluto Wave that there is a danger of one of these accidents occurring – big time. This is because there simultaneously occurs another type of Planet-Wave that is particularly ‘vulnerable’ regarding nuclear accidents, Chernobyl itself being such a one. This is the Saturn/Uranus Wave that arises from September 2007 through to July 2012 – and bear in mind that when Saturn is part of a Planet-Wave it is probable that there is a lesson to be learnt, a brick wall run into.”

{page 49}

“What’s To Be Done? – Short of a miracle happening or it all being a false alarm (which it isn’t), what can be done to prevent or minimize man-made disasters in the form of pollution and global warming affecting our climate, health and wellbeing to a far greater extent than before? What can be done about natural disasters such as a solar flare {actually called Coronal Mass Ejections – see blog posting ‘An Invitation to Openly Discuss the End of the World’} or a super-volcano drop-kicking us into a nuclear winter that lasts long enough to pretty well finish us off? Short of trusting in a false alarm – which is a bit too close to the denial talked about a few pages from here – it would seem that a miracle is our best bet! But then ‘miracle’ is a relative term – it all depends on what you regard as possible. The combined effect of a critical number of human beings focusing their minds upon surfing this and other Planet-Waves in the right way is what will make the miracle happen. This doesn’t mean to say that you even have to know about Planet-Waves to do this, to help a miracle occur, but it certainly lowers the odds of one or more happening. The mean alternative is the one alluded to in the Introduction on page 9 under ‘The Spiritual View: A Win-Win Situation’: if you die, what happens to you has everything to do with how you have lived and surfed. And it is better to have lived and surfed than never to have surfed at all!” {see this in full under ENDNOTE at foot of this posting}

PREDICTED People Power {Events so far: 38 degrees, Avaaz, MoveOn, GetUp! etc}

{page 50}

“Miracle? What Miracle? – The word ‘miracle’ is derived from the Latin word for something to be wondered at – and so it is also born of wonder and wondering. So we need to wonder at the world of Nature and the world of our Minds, and at the combined effect of us all wondering at the potentials provided by quantum physics, astrology, and a very real faith in the existence of the divine and the human spirit. So in addition to conventional green, conservationist activities, through visualizing or envisioning these saving graces upon our collective horizon, and striving towards their realization, then – as if summoned forth from beyond – they will appear on that horizon. The miracles we love and long to believe in, and behold with delight when they appear on the silvery screen, we must believe to be real, and make real. The Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave is calling us to wake up and wonder at the power of our very existence!”

{page 67}

“Realization of people power, of how enough individuals acting, even thinking, in a deliberate, concerted and focused way can affect positive change globally. People working in unison to aid the common good, in great and small ways. And so the global state improves, or at least shows signs of being brought around.”

{page 69}

“So it’s a case of matters appearing to improve as our resolve to do something radical about the situation starts to have an observable effect, and we realize that every little bit from every individual does make a difference. A burgeoning faith in People Power, in fact.”

ENDNOTE – This is an important aspect to the whole ‘End Times’ myth or movement as it considers the ultimate consideration: ‘If we should die’. This is by no means predicting such a thing, but without this consideration, such a work as Understanding The Future would be incomplete.

{page 9}

“The Spiritual View: A Win–Win Situation – As I have already stated, some will say that we as a civilization are doomed. But by reading and therefore riding the Planet-Waves we can help the world to arrive at a better place, if there are enough surfers working together. This is because we will have allowed the Planet-Waves, that expression of the Sea of Implicate Order {quantum physicist David Bohm’s term for the source of all that is), to become what it naturally wants to become – something healthy and good because it is aligned with the Source, like an oak tree is aligned with the natural expression of an acorn! But if there are not enough surfing the Waves right and riding the storms, then disaster will descend upon the world. From a purely materialistic worldview, this could appear depressing, and give rise to a sense of pointlessness and the question: why bother if it is quite possible everything could come to an end if not enough effort of the right kind is made by enough people? A great deal depends here upon your own individual beliefs concerning an afterlife, continuity of consciousness, karma, etc. But both astrology and quantum physics are essentially spiritual in their outlooks, as it is understood that life energy streams eternally from the Source and takes form as living things – which includes you and I – and then returns to stream forth and take form again, ad infinitum. Moreover, the quality of the form of expression given to that life energy – that is, in Astro-Quantum terms, how well one rides the Planet-Waves – has a great deal to do with the quality of the energy that returns to the Source and so, therefore, with the quality of what issues forth from it thereafter. In other words, even if the investment you make in helping to save the world by riding Planet-Waves right fails to do so, you will have contributed to raising the vibration or improving the quality of universal life energy. This means improving the quality of afterlife, the next life, consciousness, karma, other dimensions, or whatever you want to call the expression of eternity, something which is witnessed in astrology as the endless movement of heavenly bodies, and in quantum physics as the endless emission and interchange of waves and subatomic particles. This is a decidedly spiritual or enlightened view, but that is precisely what this Uranus/Pluto Planet-Wave is forcing us to adopt, accept and become a lot clearer about. And let it be said that ‘spiritual view’ includes any approach to life that is guided by higher principles or higher beings, and not exclusively the planets and their waves.”


Your comments are more than usually welcome as I personally would like to hear of other ‘events’ that correspond to my predictions that I have not included here, as well as ways of responding to them, and of course concerning anything else you regard as relevant.   Obviously, if you want to know more about Understanding The Future then you’d need to read or refer to it.  If you have not got a copy it is available here (UK) and here (US)