We are all time travellers

Travelling through the mists of time

Have you ever wanted to explain and clarify why you are like you are now? Well, some of the answers lie with who and what you were in your previous life or lives. Whether or not one believes in reincarnation, there is still the very scientific Newton’s Law of the Conservation of Energy which states that energy is neither born nor dies, it just keeps changing the form it takes. And seeing that everything is energy, including you and I, whatever we are now was something or someone else before it was us. There are various ways of determining ‘previous lives’, a phrase which in itself could be seen as just a metaphor for our ‘energy history’, our karma. The most effective of these methods are hypnotic regression, deep meditation, out-of-body experiences of meeting our other selves, and dreaming – and then there is astrology.  Although it cannot necessarily say exactly who and what you were, or when, astrology can give you valuable clues, ideas and suggestions.  And like a detective on a case, with those clues one can put together a reasonable body of evidence – especially if like any good sleuth, you exercise imagination and intuition.  And if used before or after embarking upon the abovementioned, more direct psychical means of identifying previous existences, your astrological findings can either prepare the ground for this or confirm results so gained.

Using what I call the Karma AstroTrace, which is a 12 step method, I am going to show you the first step so you can use it today to find out something about your own last life.  This first step involves using the Moon which represents your unconscious mind, for what was conscious in your last life has become unconscious in this one. So this will also provide you with clues as to why you are in your current circumstances. To do this you’ll need part of the Karma AstroTrace and possibly the Birth Chart Guide as well, both of which you can download free from here: http://www.lynbirkbeck.com/downloads.html ) You will also need to have your birth chart, which I will help you read in order to gather your ‘evidence’.  If you have not got a copy of your birth chart, it is best to get the one from me as it is the version I refer to in this process, along with the Birth Chart Guide, and this costs only 3.00 GBP (approx 2.84 USD) from here: http://www.lynbirkbeck.com/chartspersonal.html .  Using all of these I am going to walk you through this astro-detective work.

STEP 1 or First Line of Inquiry – The Moon

This first step consists initially of finding two sets of clues which are provided by the Sign your Moon is in, and the House it is in. And like an actual detective it is a good idea to write these clues, and your own thoughts and feelings about them, on a large sheet of paper or a board.  The Moon in your chart has been described as ‘what the Sun in your last life’s chart was’, giving rise to automatic responses and predispositions in this life.  The Moon is symbolic of your personal unconscious mind, and your soul.

Moon-Sign – First we look at the Sign your Moon is placed in as this gives us clues as to the Qualities of the Roles or Events that occurred previously.  The Moon also does this for the past of your current life, which is the whole point – our past, particularly baby and childhood, is a direct continuation of what preceded it. As an example I will use a client of mine who I will call KA.  The reason why I am using KA is because he has done regression work and used other methods that have actually put him mentally and emotionally in touch with who and what he was – so we have something to actually check our findings against. However, when you are looking at yourself you will find it is relatively easy to know when you are on the right track, simply because as you dig into your own unconscious it starts to ‘talk’ to you.  Doing someone else’s tracking takes more experience and intuition.

{Birth Chart Guide – Use the Guide to identify the Moon Symbol and then look for it on your chartwheel and you will see the Sign it is placed, again according to its Symbol as given in the Guide. More simply, you will also see it given in the listing beneath the chartwheel itself, again as described in the Guide}

KA’s Moon-Sign is Aries, so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed SIGNS=Qualities of the Roles or Events and see in the Aries row that his previous personality and life could be described as: championing/warring – leading/impulsive – independent/selfish – courageous/aggressive. So now determine your own Moon-Sign and then look up the keywords that apply to it and, as these are your first clues, write them on that sheet of paper or board.

Moon-House – Now we are going to flesh it out a bit more by looking at the House the Moon is placed in. This will tell us in what field of life activity or experience a previous life was consciously focussed upon – and which in this life it is unconsciously focussed upon!  This may help you understand your current life by bringing back into conscious awareness what was lost in the mists of time through which we all are travellers.

{Birth Chart Guide – Look at the listing beneath your chartwheel and you will see the Moon and its House number, as per the Guide. On the chartwheel itself the Moon Symbol will be placed in the relevant segment which is that House.}

KA’s Moon is in the Tenth House (which is near the top of one’s chart), so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed HOUSES=Life Areas or Situations in which Planet Roles and Events Manifest and see that KA’s previous personality and life was mainly focussed upon: profession – status – authority – worldly position.  Now check out the House position of your own Moon, look up the appropriate keywords, and write down these second set of clues on your paper or board.

Finally, we can now start combining these two sets of clues.  In KA’s last life it is possible that he was a professional warrior, one who had some leadership authority, and one where he was known for being independent and/or selfish, possibly as a result of the status he possessed (for whatever reason, already implied – a well-known soldier perhaps – or yet to be determined).

Intimations So Far – Freely using imagination and intuition, especially if you are doing your own chart, you can get fairly strong intimations of what all this could mean.  Already you may well start putting two and two together as more ideas and details spring to mind as your deep memory gets jogged, and you make associations with your present life and personality. In KA’s case, having already done some past-life investigation using hypnotic regression, it was very confirming as his most recent life was that of a German bomber pilot who deliberately crashed his plane (killing himself and his two crew) into the English Channel.  His reason for doing this was a feeling of the utter futility of war and killing, which was fuelled by his being admired and respected for the ace that he was, but also for the pointlessness born of an indulgent and privileged status as a rich and aristocratic German. Now it has to be said that it was using all twelve of the Karma AstroTrace steps, as well as more complex and technical methods than described here, that made it possible to find many hidden clues and finer details.  And in KA’s case these finer details included, among other things, the occurrence of shock and explosion, and the fact of his being a flyer and a destroyer of homes, giving rise to being ‘grounded’ in his present life to quite a degree, as well experiencing difficulties in finding a home to call his own for the larger part of his life.

A PERSONAL KARMA CONSULTATION – An Investigation into Your Past Lives

I usually only offer this service to existing clients as part of the ongoing course of interpreting their charts, but now I am making this available to everyone.  It naturally involves using all 12 steps and those more complex and technical methods which I used to confirm KA’s past life experiences and explain his current ones. To varying degrees, you will find that the mists of time will clear as you are put in touch with the unconscious and greater part of you. In effect, connecting and engaging with your past lives – which is what this consultation is all about – makes you feel a ‘greater being’  than you felt before, and therefore more aware and in command of your life now.  Details of this and other types of consultation may be found here: http://www.lynbirkbeck.com/consult.html

NEXT – What Is It That Keeps Me Stuck?

Next month I will be giving you Step Two of Karma AstroTrace which is about The Southern Node of the Moon, a point in your chart which is also graphically called the Dragon’s Tail.  This part of your chart not only further describes who or what you were previously, but also pinpoints those habits and traits which have been imprinted on your unconscious and that only serve to keep you chained to the past.  In effect these keep you from moving on and getting to where you want to get to in this life.  By identifying these hangovers or hangers-on from the past we can shake them loose and make some headway, something which is represented by the Dragon’s Head or Northern Node of the Moon, the subject of Step Three.

Staying the Course – The later steps of Karma AstroTrace, and the parts of all of them involving Aspects (which are very important as they indicate whether conditions given by the keywords were or are positive or negative) and Rulers, are quite complex, so I may not cover them unless I get feedback along the way that says there are enough of you out there who are up for it!  But they are the parts that help one discover more depth and detail.  So please comment here on how you have got on with this mini-course, and also on your thoughts and feeling generally about this subject.