Continuing to use the Karma AstroTrace, which is a 12 step method, I am going to show you the second step so you can use it today to find out something more about your own last life or lives.  This first step involved using the Moon which represents your unconscious mind, for what was conscious in your last life has become unconscious in this one. If you have not yet completed the Moon step I suggest you do this first. And if you missed the last posting altogether I recommend reading it for its brief explanation of reincarnation.

To practice the next step you will again need part of the Karma AstroTrace and the Birth Chart Guide (updated since last month!), both of which you can download free from here: ) And if you have not got it yet, you will also need to have your birth chart, which with the Birth Chart Guide, I will help you read in order to gather your ‘evidence’.  If you have not got a copy of your birth chart, it is best to get the one from me as it is the version I refer to in this process, and this costs only 3.00 GBP (approx 2.84 USD) from here: .  Using all of these I am going to walk you through this astro-detective work.

STEP 2 or Second Line of Inquiry – The South Node of the Moon

This second line of enquiry actually consists of  the first of two steps that are intricately linked. This is because the two Nodes of the Moon – the South Node and the North Node – represent respectively, what you were, and, what you are becoming. Physically, the Nodes are where the Moon intersects the ecliptic (the plane of the path of the Sun) in a Southerly direction, and directly opposite, in a Northerly direction.

Birth Chart Guide – Using the Guide you will see the two Nodes as the glyphs shown above – South Node on the left, North Node on the right.  Where and how their positions are given by Sign and House in the chart data depends on the style of chart you have. If you have a copy of the chart you got from me (Argus software) the North Node is given as ‘Nod’ in the middle upper section of the data, and it is on the second to last line.  There you will see its exact position by degrees and minutes, followed by the Sign (3 letter abbreviation) and then the House number.  To know your South Node positions simply look at the exact opposite by degree, Sign and House, which is best done by simply looking at the chart itself (and using the Birth Chart Guide mentioned above).  In our example of KA, his North Node position is given as follows: 26 38 Cnc R 12 which means that his North Node is at 26 degrees and 38 minutes of Cancer (the ‘R’ just means it travelling retrograde, but don’t concern yourself with this) and that it’s in the 12th House.  So his South Node is therefore at 26 degrees and 38 minutes of Capricorn (directly opposite Cancer) and in the 6th House (directly opposite the12th).

Astrologically, the Southern Node, which is also called the Dragon’s Tail, can be likened to where you came from, the conditions and traits that comprised your previous life or lives and which have become ingrained in your personality, for good or ill.  Another way of understanding this is to see your soul as a boat voyaging through the seas of time.  The Southern Node is the stern of that boat, with its wash forever leaving behind where you have been and who you were.  However, in effect you can never let go of it entirely as it is the stern of a boat that lends stability and enables one to steer. So bearing this in mind let’s look first at…

The Sign on your Dragon’s Tail – First we look at the Sign in which your South Lunar Node is placed in as this gives us clues as to the Qualities of the Roles or Events that occurred previously.

KA’s South Lunar Node Sign is Capricorn, so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed SIGNS=Qualities of the Roles or Events and see in the Capricorn row that his previous personality and life could be described as: ordered/rigid – objective/impersonal – authoritative/controlling – businesslike/cold – official/ious – hardy/hard – disciplined/denying.  So now determine your own South Lunar Node Sign and look up the keywords that apply to it and, as these are your next set clues, write them on that sheet of paper or board where you have previously recorded your Moon-Sign and Moon-House findings.

House of your Dragon’s Tail – Now we are going to gain more information by looking at the House the South Lunar Node is placed in. This will tell us in what field of life activity or experience a previous life was concerned with to the point of being quite habitual or habit-forming.  As such, these qualities come naturally, but whereas the positive ones serve to guide and steer you through this life, the negative ones can keep you stuck in a rut of that habitual behaviour.

KA’s Moon is in the Sixth House (which is just below near far right or west of one’s chart), so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed HOUSES=Life Areas or Situations in which Planet Roles Manifest and see that KA’s previous personality and life was strongly conditioned to stick to these areas of life experience: work – health – service/slavery – orders – method – co-workers.  Now check out the House position of your own South Lunar Node, look up the appropriate keywords, and write down these clues on your paper or board.

Finally, you can now start combining these two sets of clues together. In KA’s case we could speculate that he had authority over co-workers, possibly hard on them and himself, even to the extent of feeling enslaved and health being denied. Positively, we could also infer that he was an authority in health, like a medic of some kind. In any event, it would appear that life and personality was very ordered, to the point of being too rigid.  These clues alone would go a long way to explaining the conditions and feelings KA experiences in his present life.  Feeling that everything has to be exactly right as a matter of life or death, could be one such trait he possesses that this last life would explain.  Note that this where doing one’s own Karma AstroTrace is better or easier than doing someone else’s – at least at first.  No-one knows better than oneself the experiences and feelings that you have and have had.

Now we can also combine these South Node findings with those we gleaned regarding your Moon-Sign and House.  In KA’s last life, with Moon in Aries and in the Tenth House, we reckoned it was possible that he was, to quote our notes: ‘a professional warrior, one who had some leadership authority, and one where he was known for being independent and/or selfish, possibly as a result of the status he possessed (for whatever reason, already implied – a well-known soldier perhaps – or yet to be determined)’  The South Node indications combined with the Moon position further confirm the ‘reality’ of his last life as experienced through regression.  This was as a German bomber pilot in WW2 who could no longer see the point in just blindly following orders or the status of being an ‘ace’, and so he ditched his plane in the English Channel, killing himself and his crew. (For a more detailed description see the last posting in this series).

Double Whammies – You may have noticed that in the case of KA there is a doubling up of certain qualities, namely: ordered/rigid – objective/impersonal – authoritative/controlling – businesslike/cold – official/ious – hardy/hard – disciplined/denying with respect to South Node in Capricorn, and profession – status – authority – worldly position as indicated by his Moon being in the Tenth House. Astrologically this is because the Sign of Capricorn corresponds to the Tenth House, because it is the tenth Sign. So all of these qualities bear a lot of karmic weight where KA is concerned.  As we shall later see, this is even more stressed by the position of the planetary Ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, in his chart. But in any event, this is an area of pressure he needs to get free of, and his Northern Lunar Node, his Dragon’s Head, is the big clue here.  And this is what we’ll be looking at next month in Step Three

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