With due trepidation, the Wicked Messenger speaks…

This is my fourth attempt at writing something that will do justice to the New Moon of July 19th.  One of the worst dilemmas for an astrologer is to behold something that looks profound, but not altogether in a good way.  Then one looks for some ameliorating planetary influence that’ll save the day or at least soften the blow.  But this really entails looking for what ‘gold’ of opportunity is buried in the hard ‘rock’ of challenge. And then again one thinks well maybe I am wrong, astrology is not an exact science, and it’ll pass without anything much happening.

So I’ll lay it before you from the perspective of the story so far…

As most of you probably know by now there is this planetary configuration between Uranus and Pluto that has been forming since 2007 and finally disperses around 2020.  It has been ‘responsible’ for the world economic crisis and uprisings in various countries, as well as numerous other disruptive but timely events both in the world and our own personal lives.  I call this the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Storm and if you want to know more about how I interpreted  the coming of it and other configurations back in 2006, then refer to my book Understanding The Future where all of this and more was predicted and investigated.

One thing that really exacerbates this Mother-Storm is when a third planet joins in the Uranus/Pluto configuration (or Square as it’s technically called).  This happened with slow-earth-moving Saturn from 2008 to 2011, which of course set the ball rolling only too obviously.  But there is a shorter but sharper effect created when fast-moving Mars joins the fray – and as Mars is about adrenalin pumping and tempers being lost, the upshot is, it would seem, all too nasty, but also necessary – at least in some respects.

Taking into account that the Uranus/Pluto Square is now near the middle of its first exact and potentially more powerful phase (June to October 2012), the addition of Mars to this explosive mix is worrying.  But before we look at this impending one in more detail, we should note that Mars last joined in just when the Uranus/Pluto Square came very close to being exact in August 2011, which was the time of the London and Birmingham riots in England.  The time before this that Mars ‘attacked’ was the height of the Libyan civil war in spring of that year.  Now Mars next adds its aggressive weight to this ongoing Mother-Storm in about a week’s time, right in the middle of this first exact period!!

The overall effect of the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Storm is one of Awakening to Power, which can mean many things – from people waking up to the power they have to protest, to governments making it only too clear how they can use their political, financial and military powers to put the people back down again.  But the way in which I personally prefer to see it is as an awakening to the powers of your own individual mind.

It would appear that what the powers that be or the revolting masses get up to is totally outside of our power to do anything about.  But actually I don’t think this is entirely so because everyone of us can be affected individually by this Uranus/Pluto Mother-Storm, which can means a number of things, quite easily revealed by looking at how these planets are affecting your personal birth chart.

Just last night I watched a programme about the after effects of the London Riots of last year, and it was apparent that all the ‘rioters’ they interviewed felt themselves to be swept along into the rioting as if they had no will of their own.  While they could still feel justified in protesting against the event that sparked it off (the shooting by the police of Mark Duggan, along with their general harassment of the black community) all of them totally regretted what they had done, and for the most part couldn’t understand doing something that had really damaged their own lives as well as the lives those on the receiving end. And it hadn’t really done anything to address or resolve what had set it off.

As pointed out above, this was the last time Mars jumped on the Uranus/Pluto bandwagon, and this combination punch or wave does or can have this kind of effect.  But it only grabs you if you don’t have your wits about you, or if you are intent, consciously or unconsciously, on wanting to make yourself felt out of a sense of injustice or impotence.  Or as has been pointed out elsewhere, human beings can get caught up in a ‘survival mode’ when things get fierce and primal, and they’ll literally seize the opportunity to grab anything they have been programmed into believing is a ‘must have’, like a widescreen TV for instance. By the same token though, one can be on the receiving end of all this if there is an unconscious urge to hit out or rebel that one is suppressing.

And this is where that ‘awakening to the powers of your own individual mind‘ comes into play. I am aware that I really am being the Wicked Messenger here because what I feel I have to say is that harm and conflict and disaster happens to us only (more or less) when there is something in us that is ‘bubbling under’ waiting to be triggered by Mars and co. Or that disaster can happen in the world ‘out there’ and apparently have nothing to do with us – sort of, until it knocks on economically, environmentally or some other way. Now the important point here is not simply one of ‘damage limitation’, but that there is present in this ‘awakening’ the possibility of making a small or large leap forward in our personal development, an opportunity to overcome fears that have dogged one all one’s life, and identify potentials that have subsequently never been realized. There are ways and ways of doing this, but first one does have to “open your eyes and look within” (Bob Marley) and then to free oneself from fears by employing some psychological means such as NLP or hypnotherapy; or spiritual methods such as meditation or chanting (nam-myoho-renge-kyo for example).

The imminent Mars/Uranus/Pluto effect coincides with the New Moon on July 19th which has the Sabian Symbol ‘A Storm in a Canyon’. As you will see from the interpretation of this attached to July’s Astro-Bulletin (let me know if you haven’t received this or are not on my list and want to be), this is all about ‘Necessary Intensification’. In the context of Mars again joining in the ongoing Uranus/Pluto Mother-Storm (yes, ‘double storm’ here, it would seem) this indeed promises or threatens to be just this!  And of course one can’t but help consider the Olympic Games as a ‘target’ – the stadium is rather canyon-like! Equally though, such a storm here could mean a raging success!

But what can we make of it personally, what in your life needs intensifying so that you can or have to do something about it?  Is there some fear that you need to conquer or a loving act you could perform that will not only make a difference to you and yours but also the greater whole in a small but significant way?  Or is there something to do or say that is long overdue?  Or do we just let it make something of us in a way that puts us more out of control, or conversely merely be dumb witnesses to however it might manifest in the world ‘out there’?  As someone once put it, only too well: If you were to somehow visit your great great grandchildren and they asked you ‘What did you do during the storm of 2007-2020, and particularly the summer of 2012?’- What would you say?  Or will it all just be a ‘storm in a teacup’?  But then that could just be a way of sweeping things under the carpet.

In a month or so we will know, more or less, and during that time it would really good to hear about your thoughts, feeling and experiences – and questions.  And of course keep an eye on the world, near and far, with all this in mind – and say a prayer or do whatever you can to help.  As I write there is the worst avalanche for years on Mt Maudit, meaning ‘cursed mountain’.  So blessed be you all!