We are all time travellers

Travelling through the mists of time

Continuing to use the Karma AstroTrace, which is a 12 step method, I am going to show you the third step so you can use it to find out some of the ways in which you can expiate any negative karma.  Expiate literally means to ‘atone’ which in itself means to bring oneself into harmony with oneself (at one). One could say this is the most practical step so far in dealing with ‘who you were’ as it is not just about trying to avoid certain habits and traits, but about identifying and developing qualities that by their very nature leave those old ones to recede into the past, while automatically maintaining positive habits and established traits.

As with the previous step, to practice this one you will again need part of the Karma AstroTrace and the Birth Chart Guide, both of which you can download free from here: http://www.lynbirkbeck.com/downloads.html ) And if you have not got one yet, you will also need to have your birth chart, which with the Birth Chart Guide, I will help you read in order to gather your ‘evidence’.  If you have not got a copy of your birth chart, it is best to get the one from me as it is the version I refer to in this process, and this costs only 3.00 GBP (approx 2.84 USD) from here: http://www.lynbirkbeck.com/chartspersonal.html .  Using all of these I am going to again walk you through this astro-detective work.

STEP 3 or Third Line of Inquiry – The North Node of the Moon

 This third line of enquiry actually consists of the second of two steps that are intricately linked, the first one being the South Node of the Moon which we investigated in my June blog. To recap, the South Node represents what you were, and the North Node represents what you are becoming.  And remember that physically, the Nodes are where the Moon intersects the ecliptic (the plane of the path of the Sun) in a southerly direction, and directly opposite, in a northerly direction.

Birth Chart Guide – Using the Guide you will see the two Nodes as the glyphs shown above – North Node on the left, South Node on the right.  Where and how their positions are given by Sign and House in the chart data depends on the style of chart you have. If you have a copy of the chart you got from me (HomeStar/Argus software) the North Node is given as ‘Nod’ in the middle upper section of the data, and it is on the second to last line.  There you will see its exact position by degrees and minutes, followed by the Sign (3 letter abbreviation) and then the House number.

In our example of KA, his North Node position is given as follows: 26 38 Cnc R 12 which means that his North Node is at 26 degrees and 38 minutes of Cancer (the ‘R’ just means it travelling retrograde, but don’t concern yourself with this) and that it’s in the 12th House.  So his South Node, which we interpreted in June, is therefore at 26 degrees and 38 minutes of Capricorn (directly opposite Cancer) and in the 6th House (directly opposite the12th).

Astrologically, the Northern Node, which is also called the Dragon’s Head, can be likened to the conditions and traits that comprise the furrow you are advised, or rather obligated, to plough in this life.  As I said previously, a good way of understanding this is to see your soul as a boat voyaging through the seas of time.  The Southern Node is the stern of that boat, with its wash forever leaving behind where you have been and who you were.  Yet in effect you can’t and shouldn’t ever let go of it entirely as it is the stern of a boat that lends stability and enables one to steer. The Northern Node though is like the prow of your little soul boat, pushing against the water, making headway and progress, and leaving the past progressively behind – but naturally encountering some resistance.

The Sign of your Dragon’s Head – First we look at the Sign in which your North Lunar Node is placed in as this gives us clues as to the Qualities of the Roles or Events that occurred previously.

KA’s North Lunar Node Sign is Cancer, so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed SIGNS=Qualities of the Roles or Events and see in the Cancer row that his present life’s forward direction and positive development, and therefore the expiating of his bad karma, would be implemented by developing the positive qualities (given here before the forward slash), and avoiding or having to deal with the negative ones which may well be constitute the ‘resistance’ encountered by the ‘prow’ (given after the forward slash): caring/neglectful – nurturing/spoiling – home-making/home-wrecking – emotional/irrational – security/insecurity – roots\family\mother.  So now determine your own North Lunar Node Sign and look up the keywords that apply to it and, as these are your next set of clues, write them on that sheet of paper or board where you have previously recorded your South Lunar Node and House findings for Step Two, plus your Moon-Sign and Moon-House clues from Step One.

House of your Dragon’s Head – Now we are going to gain more information by looking at the House the North Lunar Node is placed in. This will tell us in what field of life activity or experience we can best atone for past sins of commission or omission, and clear the way for a better future and, for that matter, a better now because as soon as we show intent to clear negative karma then our present psychological state improves.

KA’s Northern Node is in the Twelfth House (which is just above far left or east of one’s chart), so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed HOUSES=Life Areas or Situations in which Planet Roles Manifest and see that KA’s present and future are made positive by investigating or investing in these areas of life experience: karma – hidden enemies – womb-life – confinement – the divine.  Now check out the House position of your own North Lunar Node, look up the appropriate keywords, and write down these clues or guidelines on your paper or board.

How naturally will these qualities come to you will have a lot to do with any other points or planets you may also have placed in both the Sign and House of your North Node. In KA’s case it will be revealed in the next step that he actually has Saturn in Cancer in the Twelfth House, which as is given on the Karma AstroTrace table, strongly indicates the nature of his karmic score, duty & lessons. Taking this further, which we will, this states that these issues are ‘karmic hot potatoes’, those issues which have got to a point where it is absolutely imperative that they now be dealt with, otherwise there will be severe blocks and restrictions in this life.  You will have noted that this is all doubled up again by his North Node being in his Twelfth, the House of Karma itself!

Finally, you can see how all these North Node indications bear upon what we have discovered so far. In KA’s case what first jumps out at us is that through past-life regression (a 12th House activity) in this life, KA discovers that he was a German bomber-pilot where he would have left many homeless (negative Cancer quality) and how for the greater part of this life he had trouble finding a home of his own.  It was only through caring and nurturing others, especially his mother for the last 22 years of her life that he eventually established a home he could call his own, although still not own it.  Other caring and nurturing commitments are still a major ongoing part of his life.  All this is a testament to that double double whammy involving Cancer and the Twelfth House.  All these commitments could be said to have limited his life, but this is accepted by him as part of the karmic confinement.  In traditional astrology the Twelfth House is the house of prisons, asylums and hospitals where one is confined until one gets well or is reformed.

With the North Node it really pays to focus closely on its Sign and House.  As the 12th is the house of retreat and contemplation, KA’s meditations on Cancer, especially including the actual creature itself, have produced good results.  For example a crab has feelers that psychically pick-up in the moment what is going on rather than having to have everything pre-ordered and rigid as was the wont of his Southern Node in Capricorn and the Sixth House!  Also, developing a shell to protect his own sensitivities has been invaluable – but only to a degree, otherwise that too could become a prison.  Also, noting that the crab lives between two worlds, the land and the sea, the conscious and unconscious realms, has explained and revealed much to KA about his fluctuating moods and foci of attention, as well as developing an ability to read what is going on in the unconscious realm and how it manifests in the conscious world.  Finally (but actually this clue-tracking is endless!) KA has found that clinging (crab) to the divine (12th) is his ultimate sense of security (Cancer) rather than the ordered and controlling habits of his Southern Node.

As I said before, no-one knows better than oneself the experiences and feelings that you have and have had.  Using this most basic and personal awareness and intermixing it with the information given here and in the Karma-AstroTrace, and with what you find by further researching Sign and House meanings, what we have looked at so far, the Moon and the Lunar Nodes, can indeed liberate one to a new and higher level of consciousness and therefore life experience and quality.

And please feel free to share and discuss your findings so far, and to pose any questions.