We are all time travellers

Travelling through the mists of time

Continuing to use the Karma AstroTrace, which is a 12 step method, I am going to show you the fourth step so you can use it to find out some of the ways in which you can determine your Karmic Score, which includes the critical lessons and trustworthy assets that go with it and/or must be learned from it.  Saturn is a complex symbol, not least of all because it apparently makes itself felt as the state of our physical or material circumstances, which means to say anything that is apparently separate from the ‘you’ who is experiencing those circumstances. As such, Saturn can come to be seen as something that is happening outside of our control, or, that we have to work hard at to bring under control.  But its complexity is down to the fact that these outer circumstances – which may also be regarded as including your physical body – are actually generated from within.  Saturn is simply the power to physically manifest that which initially exists as pure psychic energy, that being your soul (the Moon in your chart) that comes into the World to experience itself as an Earthly reality.  In doing so your soul encounters circumstances that exactly match its status, its ‘form'(like for a racehorse), its Karmic Score.

As with the previous step, to practice this one you will again need part of the Karma AstroTrace and the Birth Chart Guide, both of which you can download free from here: http://www.lynbirkbeck.com/downloads.html ) And if you have not got one yet, you will also need to have your birth chart, which with the Birth Chart Guide, I will help you read in order to gather your ‘evidence’.  If you have not got a copy of your birth chart, it is best to get the one from me as it is the version I refer to in this process, and this costs only 3.00 GBP (approx 2.84 USD) from here: http://www.lynbirkbeck.com/chartspersonal.html .  Using all of these I am going to again walk you through this astro-detective work.

Birth Chart Guide – Using the Guide you will see Saturn’s glyph as shown on the left.  Where and how its position is given by Sign and House in the chart data depends on the style of chart you have. If you have a copy of the chart you got from me (HomeStar/Argus software) Saturn is given in the far upper right section of the data, and it is on the seventh line.  There you will see its exact position by degrees and minutes, followed by the Sign (3 letter abbreviation) and then the House number.

The glyph itself, which will be shown on your chartwheel itself, is possibly stylized, as glyphs often are.  But it is actually comprised of two basic symbols: the semicircle which represents the soul, surmounted by the cross which represents matter. So Saturn is basically material circumstances weighing down upon the nature of the soul – but those circumstances, as just pointed out, are in direct accord with the soul’s ‘score’ or condition.

In our example of KA, his Saturn position is given as follows: 8 49 Cnc 12 which means that his Saturn is at 8 degrees and 49 minutes of Cancer and in the 12th House.

The Sign of your Saturn – First we look at the Sign in which your Saturn is placed in as this gives us clues as to the Qualities of the Roles or Events that occurred previously.  KA’s Saturn Sign is Cancer, so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed SIGNS=Qualities of the Roles or Events and see in the Cancer row that his “Karmic Score, which includes the critical lessons and trustworthy assets that go with it and/or must be learned from it” are concerned with being: caring/neglectful – nurturing/spoiling – home-making/home-wrecking – emotional/irrational – security/insecurity – roots\family\mother.  So now determine your own Saturn Sign and look up the keywords that apply to it and, as these are your next set of clues, write them on that sheet of paper or board where you have previously recorded your North Lunar Node and House findings for Step Three, your South Lunar Node and House findings for Step Two, plus your Moon-Sign and Moon-House clues from Step One.

The House of your Saturn – Now we are going to gain more information by looking at the House Saturn is placed in. This will tell us in what field of life activity or experience will manifest our “Karmic Score, which includes the critical lessons and trustworthy assets that go with it and/or must be learned from it”.

KA’s Saturn is in the Twelfth House (which is just above far left or east of one’s chart), so using the Karma AstroTrace table we go to the section headed HOUSES=Life Areas or Situations in which Planet Roles Manifest and see that KA’s Saturnian state manifests as: karma – hidden enemies – womb-life – confinement – the divine.  What is striking here is that he has the planet of Karma in the House of Karma.  In effect this is a doubling up, meaning his karma as such has reached a very critical point, it is something that is not just due but overdue, and he just cannot ignore it any longer or there will be very serious consequences.  This was stressed very early on when KA was actually in his mother’s womb when she almost died, and so would he have died, when she had blood poisoning!  A ‘trustworthy asset’ here was and is a strong constitution and dutiful mother in this life, also as a reliability in his own person – that is, he would see things through.  Now check out the House position of your own Saturn, look up the appropriate keywords, and write down these clues or guidelines on your paper or board.

The way in which all this will be experienced and expressed by you will have a lot to do with any other points or planets you may also have placed in both the Sign and House of your Saturn. In KA’s case, as was revealed in the last step, he also has his North Lunar Node in Cancer in the Twelfth House, which heavily emphasizes not just the karmic duty of Saturn but also the karmic opportunity and optimum direction!  A great deal points to Cancer and the Twelfth House, which could be summed up with phrases such keyphrases as “emotional confinement”;”mother’s hidden enemies”; “security from the divine” – all of which can be ‘turned’ and explored to reveal further insights and questions.

Placements in Capricorn – It can also be helpful and revealing to look at any planetary placements, points or house cusps or interceptions in the Sign that is ruled by Saturn, that is, Capricorn. In KA’s case he has, as explored in Step Two, he has his South Lunar Node there, emphasizing the importance of steering away from negative Capricornian inclinations and traits, such as being ‘rigid’ and ‘controlling’. It is seen in KA’s chart that he has no house cusp in Capricorn, but that the Sign is ‘intercepted’ in the Sixth House, meaning that it totally contained in that House.  This indicates that Capricornian matters are not only vital to relinquish, but that they are not readily accessible (the essential meaning of an intercepted Sign). So this could be seen as a blessing and a curse! Overall here, it is noted how strongly the polarity of Cancer/Capricorn and 6th House/12th House is stressed in his chart, life and personality.

As I said before, no-one knows better than oneself the experiences and feelings that you have and have had.  Using this most basic and personal awareness and intermixing it with the information given here and in the Karma-AstroTrace, and with what you find by further researching Sign and House meanings, what we have looked at so far, the Moon and the Lunar Nodes, and now Saturn, can indeed liberate one to a new and higher level of consciousness and therefore life experience and quality.

And please feel free to share and discuss your findings so far, and to pose any questions.