Demons attack detailDemons and Diseases – and What Have They Got To Do With Me?

Current news can either make one shiver or find something else to occupy one’s mind. On the one hand I am talking here of those demons (I won’t mention their names) that are killing, torturing and committing all kinds of atrocity in the name of what they ‘believe’ in. On the other hand, I refer to the greatest outbreak to date of that horrendous disease, Ebola.  If you are like me and need to get a handle on these things rather than bury your head in the sand, then read on…


The astrology of the former, ‘Demons’, is predictable and predicted, and I refer you to my previous posts The Hidden Exposed Part 1- Awakening the Underworld and Part 2 – What Is The Dark and What Comes Out Of It. Here I talked of how dark and horrific events are an expression of our having to awaken to our Collective Shadow, symbolized by the ongoing Uranus (Awakening) /Pluto (Collective Shadow) Major Storm (2007-2020, see diagram/graph).  In other words, astrology can predict such things because it is the science and art of observing archetypal energies in play at any given time, whether it is for the individual or the world as a whole. The significant point here is that these ‘archetypal energies in play’ are a physical manifestation of things that have been bubbling under the surface for some time, like earthquakes and volcanoes, which at certain points erupt, spewing their ‘stuff’ – our Collective Shadow – all over us. So what is this, our Collective Shadow, and what can we do about it? And bear in mind that, like those earthquakes and volcanoes, they occur at various weak points on the Earth’s surface, but they can affect far greater areas than these ‘weak points. Equally the points where these disturbances occur are connected or affected by places where they are not directly happening.  Planet Earth is one great interconnected whole, as we are finding out quite dramatically, and even more so in the near future (see Saturn/Neptune Wave below). Not least of all we are having to put aside relatively minor differences and unite in order to deal with a increasingly dangerous enemy to us all. (see Astrological Weather below)

Darkness and Light, the Evil and the Good

Inasmuch as darkness is simply an absence of light, evil is an absence of goodness. When a powerful planet wave like the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave rolls in as it is currently doing, then the energies these planets represent can be experienced and expressed as either light or dark, evil or good – it all depends on our state as a species or civilisation, or as individuals. With regard to Pluto, this can be an energy employed as a power for good or a power that is evil. With respect to Uranus, this can be an energy that is awakening or shocking and disruptive.  Like the Wave that it is, its effect depends on every drop, every atom, of the ‘water’ that makes it up.  This means that the overall effect of all planet-waves is down to our collective state as an agglomeration of individual states. This does not mean to say that one is to blame for evil or disruption in the world, for none of this is about blame – an evil in itself.  But it is about every one of us taking responsibility for how much light we are or are not emitting, which includes honestly admitting to, and shedding light upon, our dark patches, that is, our doubts and fears. Light in the final analysis is simply the light of conscious awareness. For example, I know that with focussed conscious awareness I can heal a disease or infection I might have. To do this I really have to engage with that dark area to which pain is drawing my attention, rather than suppress the pain or divert my attention.  The light transforms the darkness into light, negative condition into positive condition.  One of the major positive expressions of the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave is Awakening (Uranus) to Powers (Pluto) we didn’t know we had.  This is largely because we have to, and it can manifest in any number of areas of human endeavour. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

Dissolving Boundaries

planet weather chartYou will also see in the diagram/graph on the left that there are other Planet Waves occurring simultaneously with the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave, which, you may also notice, is currently peaking. All these Planet waves are covered in my book Understanding The Future 2007-2020, but the one that is really drawing attention is the Saturn/Neptune Wave/Major Storm which is beginning around now, August 2014, and continues until around the same time 2017. A way of interpreting this Wave in general terms is Dissolving (Neptune) of Boundaries (Saturn) or Sea (Neptune) versus Land (Saturn).  This can have numerous effects – highly notable ones happening during the last Saturn/Neptune Major Storm November 2004 to August 2008 were the Asian Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.  Such dissolving of boundaries can also occur in other ways, like the coming down of the Berlin Wall in 1989 during the Saturn/Neptune Major Storm 1987-1991.

Ebola_virus_particlesWhat I am concerned about here is the Dissolving or Boundaries that manifests as pandemics, for they can spread in ways that we find hard to contain or control.  To name the big three, the Black Death in the 14th Century (1346-53), the Great Plague in the 17th Century (1666-65), and Spanish Flu in 1918 – all occurred during Saturn/Neptune Major Storms.  Not only does Saturn/Neptune involve the crossing of country boundaries, but also immune system boundaries, and species boundaries.  Spanish Flu was reckoned to be originally a bird flu that crossed over to humans. And during the last Saturn/Neptune Wave of 2004–08, there was increasing alarm at the possibility of this happening again with the spread of bird flu.

And now with the incoming Saturn/Neptune Wave manifesting as the greatest yet outbreak of Ebola, we who are not directly affected by any of these Demons or Diseases, could now pose the question…

What Has All This Got To Do With Me?

Saturn/Neptune Waves bring it home to us – or should do – that we are all interconnected, that we ultimately sink or swim together. We as individual humans are all cells in the collective body that is Humanity. This means that your individual state goes to make up the state of the world as a whole. E. Lorenz, a main originator of Chaos Theory, suggested that next month’s weather could well be so delicately dependent on conditions today that it made sense to ask, “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas”.

Is the End Nigh?

The image of the religious maniac marching along the road with a board proclaiming ‘The End Is Nigh’ serves as a metaphor for our times – but hopefully not an actual fact. Or as Samuel Johnson put it “Nothing concentrates the mind so wonderfully well as the prospect of being hanged in the morning”.  Back to the overarching significance of the Uranus/Pluto Mother Wave, it is saying (shouting) that we must awaken to our positive powers as spiritual beings in physical bodies or we are in grave danger of being seriously affected by powers that are beyond our control.  The secret lies with each one of us raising our consciousness just that little bit more so that a critical chink of light is allowed in to illuminate what is really going on and show the way forward. We have to identify and deal with our personal demons if we wish to keep at bay those very real ones that appear to come at us from the outside.