Moon Magic – The River of Your Life is available in 2 Year Stretches at £4 or 5 Year Stretches at £8.

Are you adrift or going somewhere? Now get In-Flow with the River of Your Life ~~~

Many people know of something in astrology called Progressions, but find it hard to get a clear answer as to what they actually are, let alone what the meaning of one’s own Progressions are.  This is simply because very little is actually available that gives a genuine sense of what they mean and pose in your life.

To remedy this gap in astrological awareness and information, for the last year I have been creating a powerful map that I call Moon Magic – The River of Your Life. Using your personal Progressions, especially concerning your Moon, this shows you the way your true and original self wants and needs to naturally unfold and flow through life, as against forces and conditions that coerce or oblige all of us to go some other, more artificial route.

The River of Your Life is the story of an inner, personal and more subjective journey.  It therefore makes you more familiar with the one who is making the journey, bringing a subtle form of comfort and solace in the process. Even though there may be blocks to your flow along its course, it is these very blocks that make you more aware of what it is in you that is flowing forever on.

EXAMPLE: Download a full example of River of Life for Nigel Farage. (Note – I am totally apolitical; this is simply a good example of how fate-determining Progressions can be)

BIRTH DATE: Please give birthdate in this format – DD/MMM/YYYY

BIRTH TIME: Please give your local time, that is, the time on the clock. For a midnight birth at the beginning of that day, enter 00 a.m. For midday enter 00 p.m.

BIRTH PLACE: If small, give nearest town/city also.

e.g. Nigel Farage,03,Apr,1964,16.30,Farnborough,England


Two Year Stretch 

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Five Year Stretch

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When filling in your details please be careful to give ALL the information required, AND in the way specified, especially concerning month (give name not number) and day of birth.  Incomplete or unclear information will mean delays in filling your order.

Please note that (1) for this special offer your report will run from the beginning of the month the order is processed, which is usually the same as when it was ordered. Specific years are available on request at the standard price. (2) There is an inspiring and informative 4 page Introduction that explains Progressions in general and how your report works in particular. (3) Some influences along the River of Your Life will repeat over 2 years of more.