The New Moon
This fell yesterday on November 22nd 2014 at 12.33 GMT on the very 1st degree of Sagittarius. The Sabian Symbol for it is: “A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire”. Remember that the New Moon sets the tone until the Full Moon a fortnight later when we get a kind of ‘read-out’ of how well we ‘got’ or gave expression to the New. As usual, the following interpretation is taken from The Astrological Oracle, but please endeavour to read what this Sabian Symbol is saying to you personally, perhaps using my interpretation as a prompt to your own intuition, if it is not directly applying to your current situation or question…

SSP241 21-11-13The Spirit of Reunion

The situation poses or calls for a gathering of whatever or whoever it might be that once again gives a strong sense of group purpose and connection to our roots – and possibly strength in the face of some common oppressor. For such reunion to be lasting though, it must be relevant to your life as it is now. Foster a cheerful and ongoing ability to bring together kindred spirits, thus making for an even stronger sense of accord. Set to re-energizing old allegiances, but keeping things in perspective. Go about stoking up interest in the object of your concern and remembering who you are in relationship to who you were.  Try to avoid an out of touch and self-congratulatory sense of communion with others that cuts you off rather than unites – and to avoid letting old ties eclipse present ones through a misguided blend of sentiment, exclusivity and enthusiasm.  Spiritually, reunion here can mean the regrouping of a number of people who are on the same ‘soul-flight’, or simply a sense of having met someone before, or any kind of karmic reencounter. Such can evoke both bright and dark memories and feelings, so keep focused on seeing and experiencing those others as first and foremost unavoidable meetings with your own history, and as such they are very important to your present and future development and wellbeing. Be sure to let bygones be bygones and create a sense of comradeship; we are all souls struggling along the path, and as such the main cause for celebration is that we have survived, and the main cause for regret is for those who have not. But both should bring us closer. Be alive to the surfacing of very real issues such as wounds (received or inflicted) that have been re-opened or have not healed properly.”To meet again by a fleeting chance /With the Bells of Time all chiming /In our hearts and minds, /Reason drowned by rhyme.” (LB)
The coming Full Moon falls on December 6th 2014 at 12.28 GMT on the 15th degree of Gemini with the Sun on the opposite 15th degree of Sagittarius for which the Sabian Symbols are respectively: “Two Dutch Children Talking”  and “The Groundhog Looking For Its Own Shadow”.  Bear in mind that a Full Moon is making us aware of something, as the Sun or consciousness is illuminating the Moon or what is unconscious. It is also that ‘result’ of the New Moon described above. The following interpretations are taken from The Astrological Oracle, helping you to read what these Sabian Symbols are saying to you about your own situation and/or that of the world…

“Two Dutch Children Talking” (Moon)

SSP075 3-6-13Open Discussion

Always on offer is a simple and ingenuous means by which one can familiarize oneself with whatever milieu is currently of interest or whatever issue needs attention. Becoming aware of the significance and importance of communication, or some specialized form of it. Everyone making an equal contribution, spontaneously promoting free discussion, and open and innocent involvement with all and sundry, thereby resolving problems, dispelling intrigue and suspicion. This Symbol also suggests the free association that is so important and useful when it comes to getting in touch with whatever it is you are after. This can be done by freely associating with this Symbol first, that is to just say what comes to mind straightaway without any forethought, then on to the next word or phrase – on voice-recorder or paper, or with a friend or counsellor who allows you to share or ‘ramble on’ – until you make the right connection.

“Nothing is closed to openness” (LB)
“The Groundhog Looking For Its Own Shadow” (Sun)

SSP255 5-12-13Prediction & Projection

You are involved with the search for some sign of what is to be, and will be bombarded with these signs until you ‘get it’ – for this Symbol refers to a yearly Punxsutawney, PA custom which has to do with predicting a certain type of weather. Implicit in this is a tongue-in-cheek quality of possibly mocking something which was ever a candidate for such – in this instance, soothsaying. But in the end, all prediction is merely the extension or projection of one’s past and present into the future. So stay focused on what you cast before you, then take responsibility for it, and you will see your way forward ever more clearly – rather than falling in with the common reluctance to see one’s own weaknesses and pettiness, then projecting them upon others, only to find oneself hemmed in by what you do not like (about yourself) coming back as external reality, again and again. Also, avoid getting anxious about dubious predictions. Karmically, imagine life as a movie theatre where you are the projector and your life as it appears to happen to you is what you project on to the screen. Your karma is the film that gets fed through the projector; your attitude is the lens of how you see and are seen. So it is the light and shadow of your own being or unconscious that you behold as happening to you. Viewed in this way you can appreciate that what you see is therefore entirely up to you, and will become what your life appears to be. Keep shedding light as love or awareness on what or who is around you and their shadows will diminish or disappear altogether – especially if they are projecting them on to you. On the other hand avoid projecting your fears, distrust, need to control or anything else negative on to the world or future, for they will appear just as fearsome, untrustworthy, controlling, chaos-producing or sick-making. “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us” (Herman Hesse)
Combining these two Symbols presents us with the profound idea that through openly discussing our situations and opinions with others – and particularly those who apparently oppose us – with an awareness that they who oppose us are only catching our shadows – that is, what is unconscious and therefore distrusted, denied or condemned by us – we are able to reach an infinitely greater understanding of both our own state and that of others too. Admittedly this could be seen as idealistic, fanciful even, but it is a very good, maybe the only, model upon which to fashion ourselves in these days of so much opposition and dissension.  This can be on a personal level or a global level – and indeed, the former ultimately gives rise to the latter.  And with respect to the New Moon of which this Full Moon is a product, open discussion and owning one’s  projections IS that Spirit of Reunion.