lyn psychedelic cuDo You Possess the Power that is Your Truth of Being?

2015 kicks off by starkly emphasising the Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave – the Power (Pluto) of Truth (Uranus) – that has been putting us all on notice since 2007 to get a lot more in touch with the Truth of Being. The Truth of Being is what could be called your precise and original design specification – that is, your core identity and actual reason for being here – and ultimately the Truth of Being as it applies to our species as a whole.  Any benefits or difficulties in your life could be described as indications of how on or off course you are with your Truth of Being, with your genuine and unique track.  This is why the name I give to astrological influences through time (Transits and Progression) is ‘Course Corrections’ rather than just ‘influences’. Consultation.

As you may know, in order to make it clear what the Mother-Wave means to us I wrote my book Understanding The Future back in 2006, covering the Wave’s extended period of influence 2007-2020.  In it I not only predicted much of what has already come to pass but endeavoured to show how we can ‘surf’ this Wave  (and others occurring during it) and thereby be transported to a new epoch rather than being ‘wiped out’ as we flounder in the chaos of the old receding.

Uranus cutsquare copyDownload What’s Going Down – Now!

Understanding The Future is not about doom and gloom – it is actually about avoiding these very things by gaining a deeper understanding of Fate in motion. The Power of Truth is immense, and now its Wave is not just rolling and roaring in, it’s peaking!  We can no longer afford not to hear it and see it and feel it, or we may well, as a recent public poll opined, be “going to hell in a hand basket” (or “handcart”, they weren’t sure which)! So in a cry to call you to the Power of Truth I am making available to you a free download of the whole chapter from UTF (or The Future Now as it was its working title) that explains the meaning of the Mother-Wave, with literal references to the ‘Power of Truth’ on pages 32, 44 and 76.  HERE