Here is the second of my two postings, extracted from my book, written 2006/07, Understanding The Future(2008) concerning the Uranus-Pluto Mother-Wave that lasts from 2007 to 2020.  This excerpt from UTF points more to the personal significance of  it – which in fact creates the collective or global manifestation of it – which could be summed up as having to wake up (Uranus) to your – and our – shadow (Pluto)…

2. So What Is The Dark, and What Comes Out Of It?

A deeply significant thing that comes out of the Dark, the Underworld, is reminiscent of what the philosopher Nietzsche called will-to-power. Nietzsche himself intended this to mean a force of Nature that exists in everything to be what it fundamentally is to the max, and to not let anything inhibit or overrule it.  And to indulge in it, celebrate it, create from it.  So here we have a sense of depth, destiny and doom stoked up, often wrapped up in hedonism, and churned to the surface for all to see and experience.  And although the urge to dominate is not what is meant by will-to-power – it being an perverted form of it – this is something which unfortunately also belches forth. Let us examine then some of the expressions and forms that this Uranus/Pluto Mother-Wave will take, and is already taking, as the Dark is dealt out and delved into.

First though, we have to remember that so much Dark has already been let out the bag during the 20th Century – especially during the Sixties – mostly because so many taboos have been broken; not least by the news media that now shows the dead and the dying as a matter of course.  Before the 60’s it was usually regarded a bad taste to do this.  Likewise, raw sex and nudity now mostly bypass censorship; and hardcore pornography is accessible to anyone in the click of a mouse. Once such dark and very real things were only glimpsed at, or implied by innuendo.  Now they are shoved right in our faces because it really is time we had a good look at them.

Now it would seem that true will-to-power, the urge to delve into and experience the extremes of what we really are, is unavoidably linked to the degenerate, psychopathic and despotic.  In Lord of the Rings speak, there are no elves without orcs, no savers of the day without there being those that threaten to dominate and enslave.  Uranus/Pluto can empower freedom, or destroy it; cause us to dramatically rise or drastically fall.  Everything depends on us recognising and expressing power in a good way, or allowing it to be used in a bad way.

There is horror in the world because powerful feelings have been denied and allowed to fester, so that when they do erupt to the surface we are shocked and appalled, even though we have been dangerously desensitised by media exposure.  Today as I write, I hear of a man who stabbed his partner 145 times.  What kind of human volcano is that?!  And this is just an individual; think of what is bubbling under globally.  But then, as Understanding The Future is constantly at pains to point out, what goes on globally has everything to do with how each one of us is thinking, feeling and behaving – and with what goes on in this basement of our being. The threat of worldwide disaster – through nuclear war, disease, climate change, or whatever, is simply the collective volcano – and this may simply express itself as an actual volcano that is drumming its fingers as we speak! [UPDATE: Witness the Japanese earthquake/tsunami, New Zealand, Chile and Haiti earthquakes, etc].

To turn our attention to the Underworld NOW and see and deal with what goes on down there, will buy us a stay of execution, give us the time and insight that would enable us to prevent the bowels of the Earth, the sump of all our unlooked at shit and shadows, from bursting all over the place.

Another example of the Dark rising is paedophilia.  There have always been child molesters, or smell-smocks as country people used to call them hundreds of years ago, but mostly the lid was either kept on their desires by a quaint thing called moral restraint, or it was covered up – particularly in areas where it was least expected to be, like the Church (ironically the source of such restraint).  Now we have internet child-porn – again just a click away.  Ease of access and little or no inhibiting factor equals an explosion.  But here’s the point.  Nearly every paedophile has also been a victim of child abuse, and probably their abusers were abused too, ad nauseam.  The vents of this particular type of human volcano run very deep, and it, like many other types, is fit to burst during this Wave. The need to purge and the need to forgive, or at least be deeply aware) are two pleas that Uranus/Pluto flips to the surface, in that order.

And lest it be overlooked, some of the darkest shadows of all are the ones that are projected – especially because they can go undetected.  It is all too easy to scorn and despise the degenerates of this world because they provide a convenient screen upon which to project and disown our own, albeit far lesser, dark and dubious feelings [Witness the ‘innocent’ sexualisation of children in the way that they are encouraged to dress and behave].   As Hermann Hesse wrote in Demian:

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us

Yet another example is the predicament of computer video games obsessing and distorting the development of children. Exposing and subjecting young minds to the compelling nature of the dark images of the Underworld – quite literally with sinister products like Grand Theft Auto – is like putting someone behind the wheel of very powerful car when they have no idea how to drive or of the true dangers of the area they have been lured into exploring.  In fact, this is a valid metaphor for what such irresponsible or just plain ignorant exposure to the Underworld has done to all of us.

Most basically, this Uranus/Pluto Wave is again trying to wake us up to the very existence of the subconscious mind, for that is what the Underworld simply is in modern terminology. The actual ‘discovery’ and naming of the subconscious was, after all, made by Sigmund Freud during the Uranus/Pluto Wave of 1896-1907.  But generally people are still ignorant of it in a practical sense – like being aware that they have a subconscious and there are things lying down there they ought to know about before they leap out and do something desperate and destructive from which there is no going back! The point being that while this Uranus/Pluto Wave is rolling this is liable to happen with greater frequency and intensity. As far as the unconscious mind is concerned, either you go down there and take a good look, or it’ll come up and get you.

Identifying, resisting and eradicating what is corrupting our world is the most important task. But like with our band of heroes in Lord of the Rings, some of us will be sorely tempted to succumb to these powers in the form of fixations, addictions and lusts – mistakenly rationalising them away as being harmless or consistent with human rights – and thereby, on a personal level become undone, and on a public one, be too soft on the peddlers and perpetrators of that corruption.  Knowing when and how much to forgive or condemn is a real challenge of this Uranus/Pluto Wave.  At one extreme, there is the danger of the ‘moral backlash’ of knee-jerk, black and white, pseudo-religious repression snowballing into a latter day witch-hunt.  At the other extreme, there is a mindless and destructive indulgence posing as freedom, accelerating and intensifying the downward spiral that has already begun, progressively set in motion through previous and ineptly surfed Uranus/Pluto Waves. Again we have to ask ourselves:  Knowing what we now know about past Uranus/Pluto Waves, how shall we ride this one?

As ever, the middle way is the one to aim for.  Uranus/Pluto wants us to discover and experience our will-to-power, to experiment and discover what we truly feel and want – often through crisis and being cruel to be kind – as opposed to what we have been led to believe we should feel and want.  Most of all though, in pursuing this truth of who and what we really are, we must let others do so too, without harming or judging.  Pluto must have its due of will-to-power, but Uranus must exact its due of equal rights.  This is the ultimate balancing act as we ride this Mother-Wave; a balancing act that in the end involves a personal journey into your own darkness, your own shadow, wherein lies your own truth.

Delve in My moist and shady den

And you will find true wealth within.

Feel your darkness, feel your pain

Fall to Me and rise again

Immortals steeped in innocence