All of the following is the product of observation and speculation, going back some years.  I would welcome, more than usual, your comments, hopefully leading to an ongoing and mutually enlightening discussion.

‘The End Of The World’ or some similar cataclysm is the most emotive prospect that there is, and there have been many predictions of such since the world began.  And so understandably, such are met with scorn and dismissal by many people.  At the other extreme there are still a great number who take the subject very seriously – or at least, they have a dramatic response to it or some belief in the possibility.  At both ends of the spectrum though we hear specific responses, like: ‘Life never changes it just stumbles on from pillar to post like it always has’; ‘Ooh I don’t want to even consider such a possibility, life is worrying enough as it is’; ‘I hope something does happen because I’m fed up with the way things are’;  ‘Humanity needs a shaking up to wake it up’; ‘I just find the subject so intriguing’; ‘I want to know what’s going to happen so I can get ready’; ‘If there really was anything going to happen then the powers that be would have told us’; ‘If there really was anything going to happen then the powers that be wouldn’t tell us because they know there’d be panic and chaos’.

Regarding the last two responses, and before I give you my ‘Personal View’ below, here are a couple of bits of information from the ‘powers that be’:

1. NASA predicts a solar storm or eruption (a C.M.E. or coronal mass ejection) for 2012 which very possibly will disable all, or at least a great deal of, electrical and electronic systems.  This means everything from the power supply grid to a microchip.  This could take years to recover from and normalise.  It would also set us back years.

There are already plans to deal with this possibility (kind of, so far).

2.Stanford and Purdue University (and other scientific establishments) have discovered over the previous several years that there are strange emissions coming from the Sun that are somehow altering the fundamental nature of matter.  This has been seen in the phenomenon of some of the most stable elements, like Carbon 14, changing their rate of decay.  What this poses is potentially enormous as it stands physics as we know it on its head, or more alarmingly, it may also mean that everything on Earth is mutating – for some reason.

Then there are, shall we say, the more alternative ‘end of the world’ scenarios.  These are two major ones which coincide only too well with the above:

1. The End of the Mayan Calendar December 21 2012.  Whether this is accurate or literal or not depends on what ‘expert’ you listen to. It could mean from a polar shift or just a shift in our consciousness, or both – and any time from right now until 2020.  There are so many sites on it all, so just Google it if you wish to form your own opinion (best of luck!).

 2. The comet Elenin. This comet supposedly passes very close to us and as it aligns with various planets in our solar system causes earthquakes (it has already apparently done so with the quakes in Haiti, Japan and New Zealand) and worse (including setting off volcanoes, like the ‘super’ one beneath Yellowstone Park, that are overdue in erupting and would cause a kind of nuclear winter as it blots out the light and heat of the Sun).  This is covered well, though possibly with rather too much dramatic licence, in a film called The Quickening.

There is also the old negro spiritual which somehow resonates with the NASA prediction: ‘God gave Noah the rainbow sign /No more water, the fire next time.’

Now for…

My Personal View

As an astrologer my attention has been drawn to the co-incidence of all this with the Uranus-Pluto Square, or Mother-Wave as I call it, that is happening 2007-2020 and is the subject of my last book Understanding The Future (2008).  However, the peak of this Wave is 2013-2014 and not 2012, particularly when Jupiter moves into the planetary picture mid-2013 to mid-2014, focussing especially on April 20/21 2014 when all three planets align very tightly (and tensely) with the Earth.

In order to obtain some further perspective on this ‘window’ I consulted the tarot with the aid of very intuitive and tuned-in tarot-reader.  We used the classic ‘Yes/No Spread’ which gives for each question, depending on where the Wheel of Fortune turns up with one of seven other cards drawn, one of four answers: a categorical ‘yes’ or ‘no’, a ‘yes and no’, and a ‘subjective’ meaning that your issue is purely personal and not objective about the external situation. So this is not a simplistic flip a coin method. Our questions were simply ‘Is there going to be a physical global disaster in 2012, in 2013, and/or 2014?’ In answer to ‘2012’ we got a ‘yes and no’ answer, which we interpreted – at the end of the whole reading – as things ‘hotting up’ but not actually a totally global thing. To ‘2013’ we drew a categorical yes.  This was qualified by the accompanying card ‘The Hermit’. This is a lone man holding a lantern, someone who is having to find their own (inner) light.  Hmmm. To ‘2014’ we again drew a categorical ‘yes’. This time the card accompanying and qualifying this answer was: ‘The Hermit’, again!  Considering that before each question one extracts the Wheel of Fortune, shuffles the deck thoroughly and selects the seven cards from a fan, the odds of this happening twice in succession are very high.  We both found this disquieting, having got a bit more than we’d bargained for.

Having said all this though, I have to emphasise that I am in no way 100% certain that this is when ‘something’ is going to happen, or if it actually is going to do so at all.  All predictors or prophets are notoriously vague and have a poor record of accuracy.  The most famous of all, Nostradamus, said that ‘In the July of 1999 the King of Terror will come from the sky.’  This has got to be referring to the destruction of the World Trade Centre by terrorists 26 months later!  My own nearest claim to accuracy was predicting (in Horoscope magazine January 1989) that there would be a ‘dissolving of boundaries’ around the full moon of November 13th 1989.  The Berlin Wall came down four days earlier.  So with regard to 2012, let’s just say that I am warning not to rest on one’s laurels and think we are in the clear when the 2012 Winter Solstice has been and gone. Conversely, I would also be wary of certain pundits, some of whom are astrologers, who patronisingly fob us off with a nannyish ‘Oh don’t you worry your little heads about there being a catastrophe, as if…’  But they are missing the point that ‘prophecies of doom’ are there to wake us up, and by waking up we avert that doom.  As Dr Samuel Johnson said back in the 18th century: ‘The realisation that one is to be hanged in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully’.

This brings me more specifically to my personal view, which has to include what it means to me in practical terms.  And the word ‘practical’ has to encompass everything from the most basic physical survival to the most spiritual and mystical response to it all.  But first, my practicality adopts a ‘belt and braces’ attitude.  I am reckoning on being prepared, on the one hand, for there not being a civilization shattering event, and just the usual bumbling and stumbling roughly onwards and upwards. So I will keep on doing what I always do, and attempting to do it better – which more specifically means raising my vibration, what I regard as a centrally important imperative which I explore below.

On the other hand, being prepared for an apocalyptic event – in addition to simply being fearless enough to simply and coolly entertain the prospect in the first place – stretches from a strictly survivalist mode at the physical end of the spectrum, to a quite rarefied mental attitude at the other end.  Reverting to a backwoods scenario, with the mentality to match, doesn’t quite ring true for me.  And it is at this point one can appreciate why for many if not most people the whole thing doesn’t bear thinking about; it is so outside of the box of what we have come to regard as normal modern life. Unless one has, in addition to the relevant mindset,  resources such as a defendable property, big fuel supplies, generators, a basement full of dried and canned food, plenty of lanterns and candles, water from a well, not to mention guns to repel marauders and squatters – then I think one has to adopt the ‘spiritual’ and more ‘visionary’ view.

The essential quality of the visionary take on it all is based on that ‘raising one’s vibration’ which I referred to above as getting better at being oneself – and mainly in a spiritual sense.  It also involves being prepared and able to see life in energetic or symbolic terms, rather like the poet John Keats’ philosophy of Negative Capability, where one ‘is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason’.  In this model we see what is happening to the Earth and the human race as an ‘upgrade’.  I described this some time ago in my book Divine Astrology (2005) and it can be downloaded from here and found in the Uranus chapter pp 125-145 The Human Upgrade

I have also described a similar process in Understanding The Future where I used the metaphor of us ‘being subjected to some kind of “scan” that reads our “vibration”, our state of spiritual evolution, our energetic make-up. What that scan is could be anything from just the demands of living in these times of Planet-Waves that challenge you to keep your balance and “stay on your surfboard”, or it could be the arrival or intensification of some unknown energy within the Earth’s biosphere; something akin to whatever it is that so mysteriously creates crop circles’. Or, in the light of the discovery described above, it could mean a mutation of the very fabric of our physical existence. The point is that it is one’s vibration that determines whether the scan allows you through to a higher dimension of reality, or whether it leaves you at a lower dimension (like where we are now?).  Put simply, if one’s vibration is low that means one’s state of being is predominantly determined by fear, destructiveness and selfishness.  If one’s vibration is high then one’s state of being is keyed to love, creativity and a sense of oneness. What or where our actual ‘reality’ is going to be need not concern us.  Ours is not to know this, but only to raise our vibration.

Astrology – that is genuine astrology, the astrology of the soul, as distinct from dubious predictions and superficial character descriptions – comes into its own here because the Planets symbolically convey to us what we are supposed to be doing and where we are supposed to be going in terms of our spiritual purpose.  A birth chart can tell you the essential reasons for your being here, which may – and usually do – run counter to a more conventional idea of what having a ‘successful’ life is all about.  It also tends to take preference over ‘doing good’ and ‘saving the planet’ and other such noble pursuits and, instead, concentrates on cleaning up one’s own backyard.  Like, would you have somebody dress an open wound with unwashed hands? When all is said and done, I believe we are each here for utterly personal reasons – yet at the same time this contributes to the state of the whole, for good or ill.  Also, in an ongoing way, that is, with respect to the planetary transits that affect through time, we are ultimately attuning ourselves to, and intuitively following, the dictates of some Higher Power, which the planets are emissaries of or portals to.  If for instance, I have Pluto affecting me strongly, then it is vital that I plumb my depths without reservation and ruthlessly eliminate the outworn and negative, and not try to skim issues.  If I have pronounced Neptune transits, then surrendering to the invisible or spiritual dimension through meditation or some form of creative attunement is vital.  If it is Saturn that I have weighing down on me, then I need to get real in the sense of being objective and mature – and if the cosmic traffic lights say ‘stop!’ or the ‘sign’ says ‘slow down’ then I do so knowing that it is for a good reason that I will become aware of in due course .  And so on and so forth. Genuine astrology enables one to be led by the Divine Conductor as you play your instrument in its orchestra. One lives a metaphor.  This effectively means that one is aligning and attuning oneself to a quantum or higher reality rather than merely to how things appear to be in this three-dimensional reality which, for the most part, is regarded as the only reality.  And this is the whole point.  If there is going to be an apocalypse it is in aid of divorcing us from this fixed and limited idea of reality.  The question is: Are you ready to be transported.

To end on a quite hopeful and, at the same time, what could be regarded as a fantastical note, it is thought by some – and with a definite measure of intuitive conviction – that this whole apocalyptic scenario is being overseen by extra-terrestrials (some of whom may simply be higher dimensional versions of ourselves).  Furthermore they have been trying to tell us – via crop-circles mainly – that the impending solar storm is not only coming but will be deflected by a fleet of UFOs!  Why?  Probably because Planet Earth and the Human Race are very significant in the greater scheme of things.  And all of what has been briefly described above is about waking up to and being ready for this possibility. This is why ‘raising one’s vibration’ is the best, if not only, response to all this ‘doom’, because it amounts to upgrading our software (our brain-minds) so that we can attune to these higher agencies and thereby assist them in assisting us.  And one of the best examples of how to raise one’s vibration is the Shadow Process explored in the postings preceding this one. You and I and They are One.  Personally, I would really like to believe this – if only because, if things are going to get really heavy, it is the only thing which is a comprehensive and positively transformative solution – at least, that I can think of.  A case of having to believe?

I hope you can gather from the above that I am in no way casting anything in stone, and am aware that there a many other facets to this important subject, important because even if it is all just in our imagination – what put it there in the first place?!  I really want you to share your views and versions of all this. So watch and use this space!