Mission Statement

In accord with that version of Earth Life reality set down by that great explorer of human consciousness, Robert A Monroe, I also see the human condition as being a situation where the best of human nature has become submerged beneath layer upon layer of fear, and beneath further layers of habit and convention born of those fears.  One of the key things locked within this System is not only a true, valid and vibrant sense of what and who we are as individuals, but also what we are as a species.  The layers of fear, habit and convention are effectively a prison, a prison which most people probably do not even recognize as such.  However, I believe that we are becoming progressively aware – even if dimly – of this dire situation. This is especially true at this time while the Uranus-Pluto Mother Wave is surging (2007-2020).

The Uranus-Pluto Mother Wave is a configuration of two Planets (Uranus and Pluto) that takes place every 40 years or so, and is the subject matter of my book Understanding The Future.  The last time this took place was during the Sixties, also a time of quickening of consciousness, as were all the previous Mother Waves (back to the French Revolution and the rebellion of Spartacus against Rome, and beyond).  These are times of the upwelling of what the philosopher Nietzsche called Will to Power.  In other words, there is something profound and meaningful deep within the human frame and it wants out!

I see true astrology as one of the great keys for unlocking this prison in which we have found ourselves.  To many, probably most, astrology is about fortune-telling and vague, superficial or beguiling descriptions of personality.  And the daily, weekly or monthly ‘horoscopes’ – false astrology, for the most part – are what perpetuate this myth, making out that whole twelfths of the world population are subject to the same fate.  However, the mere fact that they are so popular points to the fact that there is something buried within the human psyche that suspects there is more to life that the System has allowed us to believe.  Without wanting to subscribe to any conspiracy theory, the trouble here is that these versions of false astrology are possibly toothless agents of the System itself, feeding the public’s longing for a greater and more meaningful existence with something that promises it and denies it all at the same stroke.

So how can true astrology unlock the gate that bars the way to our true human identity, individually and collectively?  For me personally, it all begins with a client or friend, or a reader of my words, presenting their problem with a view to having astrological light shed upon it.  Through addressing and entering what might appear to be their relatively ‘little world’ it is revealed that such is actually a window to a ‘greater world’.  Astrology is, after all, patently ‘cosmic’.  It reminds us that we are stardust, and of the ‘stuff that dreams are made on’, and that we are living on a ball of earth and water, wrapped up in air, and orbiting a great ball of fire!  Through going to help resolve our mundane problems it actually penetrates and expands a lot further.  It reminds us that there is, indeed, more to life.

Inasmuch as I aim to help you with your personal issues, I realize that this cannot be done unless one’s consciousness is expanded to include far more than just what those issues seem to involve.  If for example, one has a problem with ‘love’, then a greater version of love is required.  If one has a problem with money, then a greater concept of self-worth and how material sufficiency is actually created is needed.  This is because it is the qualities that connect you back to the Core Self – that area of being and consciousness that lies beneath those layers of fear, habit and convention – are the very qualities or signs of that Core Self.  According to Monroe these signs are: spontaneous and non-manipulative emotion; empathy; natural smiling (and humour); sense of beauty; nostalgia; gentle touch; selfless giving; pure mind; genuine love.

Astrology – because it is the embodiment of the naturalness of the Earth herself and the Heavens in which she moves and has her being – engenders these Core Self qualities.  In other words, the true reception and expression of what astrology, the celestial art, has to ‘say’, leads to a reawakening to the Core Self qualities in ourselves and everyone we have anything to do with.  It won’t happen overnight, and neither is it some hippie dream of peace and love we are talking about. But having said that, it’s not that far off.  It’s just that, as the Piscean Age gives way to the Aquarian Age, we have to know the Truth of Our Being, and not just fervently believe that there is such a thing.  Through every interchange I have with client or friend, family or stranger, I strive to be a testament to this statement. And in each case it is entirely individual-specific – which is what makes being an astrologer so rewarding and daunting at the same time; there are no formulas.