Astrology As I Find It, As It Finds Me

There are as many types of astrology as there are astrologers. For most, our initial interest is fired by how deftly it can lay bare traits of personality that we were either vaguely aware of or thought nobody else noticed. I remember when I first discovered I had an exact Square between the Sun and Uranus in my chart. The brief interpretation (by Alan Oken) was headed ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ and went on to describe someone who is usually at least one step ahead of himself. As time has gone by, I am still at least one step ahead of myself, but I am more adept and catching up! But as I evolved so did the definition of this astrological aspect. Indeed, as Uranus is the Lord of Evolution, and the Sun is one’s Life and Consciousness of Self, this aspect has done much to ensure that my consciousness has evolved – whether I liked it or not – about everything, not just astrology (which is ruled by Uranus). What has also evolved – probably in parallel to my own evolution – is the consciousness of my clients, and along with this, my concept and understanding of astrology itself.

Astrology is about Transformation. As such, for written or spoken interpretations of astrological configurations to work they have to promote transformation – even though initially it may appear a negative transformation. When I first read the above Sun/Uranus interpretation it made me feel profoundly depressed! I now saw myself as just some jumpy quirky misfit. But since that event back in 1977 I have to say that Sun Square Uranus now means this to me: it is as if I come from the future and/or an alien world and my mission is to bring to this planet Earth a piece of the energetic awareness that is the convention where I come from. I still have my moments of feeling a misfit and being out of step with the consensus reality of Earthly society – but that is now seen as an occupational hazard, and actually quite desirable in some cases! Furthermore I have developed – mainly thanks to astrology – other attributes of human personality that have furthered and assisted my ‘mission’. Not the least of these is empathy. With only one planet in a Water Sign (which govern the feeling function) in my chart – Saturn in Cancer, and in a Water House, the 12th – this ‘getting of empathy’ was a priority. The point here is that through this astrological awareness I consciously applied myself to this task, rather than just continuing to think that the world didn’t understand me. A line in a song I wrote back in 1975 foreshadowed this: ‘I used to feel a stranger to how most things appeared to be/ But now it’s becoming clear to me/ I was a stranger to myself’.

Yes, empathy was and is very important. Not only did I consciously apply myself to the developing of it, but I unconsciously applied myself to this end too. ‘How can you do that?’ you may ask. Well, this is the magic of astrology. Astrology is like computer software that upgrades the existing programs (of your personality and being) and thereby brings into being events and encounters that one could not have consciously willed. In my ‘getting of empathy’ the software directed my vehicle to a place and time where I would meet my wife – the greatest enabler of my latent empathy.

So, for me, this is what astrology is about. It accesses parts of one’s being and sets in motion a process of Transformation, but not merely in a conscious linear way. It does it far more subtly, and the astrologer – or at least, this astrologer – needs to be aware of this. I have previously noted the parallels between astrology and quantum physics (mainly in my book Understanding The Future), and the most notable similarity is what the latter discipline calls Observer Created Reality. This states that the consciousness, attitude and perception of the observer actually affect the very nature of what he or she is observing. In other words, by positively changing the way you see yourself and life at a quite fundamental level, you positively transform your life itself – and the lives of those around you.

For the astrologer to achieve this end, he or she has to gain the confidence of the client, not just in their ability as an astrologer, but in their very nature as a human being. This means that for the astrologer to function, in this shamanic or magical way, he or she needs to be not only empathetic, but also open, non-judgemental, unshockable, communicative on a number of levels, and humble and kind. To acquire all these attributes could be defined as the ‘getting of wisdom’, and astrologers need ultimately to be just that, wise men or women – just as in the Bible myth the three Magi were in fact astrologers following the Star. I currently count myself as being an ‘apprentice wise man’. My teacher is everything and everyone I meet.