Fairytale Wedding?

Fairytale Wedding?

Since the time when Prince Charles and Lady Diana got hitched and I was invited by a newspaper editor to write an astrological forecast for what was then viewed by the world as the fairytale romance come true, I have avoided any such tasks.  Why?  Because when I told said editor (of a London evening newspaper) that it would all end in tears, he promptly told me ‘Oh, we can’t print that!’  So having presently been asked a number of times to give my ‘prediction’ for Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s marriage prospects, this Wicked Messenger declined.  But then it occurred to me that looking at their charts might tell me about something that does interest me – and hopefully you too: what, at a symbolic and psychological level, are they reflecting back at their public concerning their still dizzy expectations of what another fairytale royal marriage is going to do for them?   On the face of it, what it tells us is obvious: we want to be reassured that something good, true and beautiful can still exist in this sad bad world.  And possibly even transform it into a better place – the Return of the King and all that.  But this is a given, and so not what I am after.  I want to find the astro-truth about Wills and Kate as being a deeper and more detailed reading about us, not so much about them.

The ‘myth’ we expect of them (and for ourselves therefore) is of the ‘happy ever after’ kind.  The myth that will play itself out – through them but reflecting our own fates – is, as all myths are, a revelation of the inner truth of the matter.  Something like this…

Kate and William both have Moon in Cancer and Mars in Libra.  The Moon represents feelings, and when in Cancer (its own Sign) these are very much to the fore, running to the highest and lowest, the best and the worst.  There is a rich emotionality, but also a great neediness.  So their Moons reflect the general populace in this respect; a kind of ‘soap opera’ emotionality, with sentimentality being central to it all.  Now the male expression of Moon in Cancer more often than not manifests as an expectation that someone (mother, women, family) will take care of their needs. This is very much reflected in William’s chart as, even though he lost his mother early in life, he has an enormous security system to cocoon him.  Kate however, has a ‘difficult’ Moon in Cancer, and will be expected to be the dutiful wife (and mother) which in effect will make her feel that she is not her own person but just bound by duty and tradition.  Again this reflects the common ‘complaint’ of women universally.

Now all of this could, crablike, just scuttle along the shores that lie between the private and public worlds that the couple inhabit. The ‘machine’ of privilege buoying them up all the while, as basic needs are automatically met.  And this reflects the world’s idea that some things will just go on forever, immune to the vicissitudes that assail the common man and woman.  But then there is that Mars in Libra in both their charts to consider. Mars is about independence and what we desire as individuals – but this has its wings clipped in socially conscious, ‘try-to-please-everyone’, Libra.   Again though, left to its own devices, this would fit in nicely with the whole social myth of ‘be nice and well-behaved and you’ll be alright’.

But no, because transformative and crisis-producing Pluto, over the next 2-3 years, rises up from the Underworld and challenges both William’s and Kate’s Mars’s.  In a phrase, this means ‘enforced independence’.   One possible scenario here is that William’s duties as a prince and potentially future king will rub him up the wrong way, while Kate will be forced to endure and bite her lip, or ‘go it alone’.  But I have to say that Pluto being Pluto, the reasons for their ‘enforced independence’ could be a lot darker or violent even.   Once again, this reflects society’s vain hope that things will just turn out alright; a kind of ‘Nero fiddling while Rome burns’ attitude.

With the best will (pardon the pun) in the world, Kate and William are going to be tried sorely – and of course, so are we.  So ironically, for all their cushioning and cocooning, this ‘privileged couple’ do actually embody and mythologize our collective state and dilemma, and not just our illusions.